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Hi hello lol how are you guys? Long time no post lol

I'm finally done with DMD1...yeah...I managed to finish it somehow lol

Anyway, this is not a freshly translated one...I posted this one on twitter last year November I think...since the original plan is to translate KT's part only lol but I ended up translating everyone's v^.^v

I don't know when I'm going to do translations again...since I'm still enjoying "doing nothing" lol but soon...I hope lol...and I'll focus on some crosstalks from last year...I hope that's ok with you...thanks =)

Another thing, I have a dreamwidth acc now...yey lol but I'm still new to it lol it still confuses >>

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Kyomoto Taiga's Colorful Life )

Matsumura Hokuto's Colorful Life )

Tanaka Juri's Colorful Life )

Kouchi Yugo's Colorful Life )

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Morimoto Shintaro's Colorful Life )
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I can't think of any good intro...orz I'm really bad at it T.T

anyway, this is my last work for now...

I hope you all enjoyed reading my translations =)

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Only 2 weeks left before school starts T.T I don't know if I'm ready for it...hello DMD1...?

How about you guys? What year are you in now? =)

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm back to share the translation of the crosstalk of SixTONES in Popolo 07.2016 issue =)

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Wassup wassup?

I've got 2 weeks left before my school starts T.T

Anyway, have a nice day ^.^

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I really can't think of any intro right now orz buuuut I hope you had slash will have a nice day ^.^

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GOOOOOOOOD MORNING, GOOOOOOOOD AFTERNOON, GOOOOOOOOD EVENING GUYS~!! sharing this SixTONES related cross talk from POTATO 04 issue =D I translated this coz I thought this is just a very short one lol I don't know what I was thinking that this is just a short article back then...orz Anyway, I had fun translating this cross talk and that's the most important part ne =) HAVING FUN ON WHAT YOU ARE DOING =)


oh and I think it's hard to read Kouchi's lines because of the color...sorry >.<

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Hisashiburiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

It's been awhile ne ^.^ now I'm back with this trans hahahaha ^.^ it is actually a request from my friend *though I don't really accept requests since I don't want to give false hopes*

hm...let's just say that this is my birthday gift to her =))

anyway, I'm glad that I translated this hahaha coz I had so much fun while translating this lol find out Hokuto's stories about Hirano :D

ps: the one who requested this is an english sensei @.@ omg pressure haha

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Hi~!!! I decided to translate others' Data Base too lol *I hope laziness will let me finish this before school starts >.< *

Actually I planned to start with the 1st volume, but when I checked my files, I don't have a copy of May 2014 scans yet OTL

so here, let's take a look at the vol. 2 first :))

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scans
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks

1. Favorite food
A: Tororo (grated yam)

2. Favorite drink
A: Mu-tou-nyu-inryou (soy milk with no seasoning)

3. Favorite Animal
A: dog

4. Favorite color
A: pink

5. Favorite movie genre
A: Comedy. The element of comedy increases my excitement.

6. You are into what now? *lit. Busily active now with*
A: miscellaneous goods and accessories

7. Hobby
A: Collecting miscellaneous room accessories

8. Habit
A: I mispronounce the word "kutsu" (shoes). I pronounce it as ku↑ tsu↓ (the real pronunciation is "kùtsúꜜ" base from wiki)

9. Weak point or poor at
A: Having a wrong pace. Being moody.

10. Signature move (good at)
A: To disturb someone's pace (laugh)

11. Subject that you’re good at
A: in all subjects

12. Dish that you’re good cooking at
A: Home cooking. The one I made recently is Chicken Szechuan.

13. Impatient or carefree
A: Carefree! Like when eating, I consume 3 times more (than an ordinary person consumes)

14. Positive or negative *It could also mean active/passive but more sources say that it is positive/negative*
A: both

15. Old nickname
A: Hokkun

16. Bag’s necessity (except wallet and cellphone)
A: Dream, hope, and a little bit of love. Mint colored tablet.

17. Lessons that you had
A: Karate, English language, soccer

18. Admired senpai
A: Yamashita Tomohisa- kun

19. Juniors that you have a good relationship with
A: I go shopping with Yacchan (Yasui). I went to a meal with Shintaro today.

20. A moment you think that it is good to be in juniors
A: When I sing and dance. Acting too is fun. There are lot of things can be done.