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My last trans or 2nd to the last trans maybe (?) lol before the new sem starts


(c_orig_scans) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Q. Something you want to explore if you want to become a spy.
A. I want to sneak in the actual spot of an artist when he's composing and writing lyrics, or recording because I want it to be my reference in making music. But even though I'm a spy and I met an important, I'll ask for an autograph (laugh).

Q. You'll do to shine to steal a girl's heart.
A. Yattenainaa *I can't figure out what's the exact meaning of this, but I think this is in Jap slang which men uses it as an expression*. I still don't exactly know what to say to make a girl go "kya". I'm weak at being cool, however, I'll write lyrics everyday to convey my feelings through music!

Q. I wish I have this spy good!
A. A mask that will completely change my face into a woman, and I will wear a woman's clothes to disguise. Then, I'll slip into the fans. I want to know what kind of stories they talk about. I want to listen to it even once!

Q. Myuto's secret!
A. He's terribly indecisive. Even we went out as two, we will follow the plan that I thought of in advance. I wonder what will happen to this guy when he'll go on a date? I'm worried about Myuto's future (laugh).

Recent Memo: I and Myuto went to Kyoto. It was very healing to spent time in temple. The food in chicken restaurant, that the local people there loves, was very delicious.


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