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Hi~!!! I decided to translate others' Data Base too lol *I hope laziness will let me finish this before school starts >.< *

Actually I planned to start with the 1st volume, but when I checked my files, I don't have a copy of May 2014 scans yet OTL

so here, let's take a look at the vol. 2 first :))

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scans
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks

1. Favorite food
A: Tororo (grated yam)

2. Favorite drink
A: Mu-tou-nyu-inryou (soy milk with no seasoning)

3. Favorite Animal
A: dog

4. Favorite color
A: pink

5. Favorite movie genre
A: Comedy. The element of comedy increases my excitement.

6. You are into what now? *lit. Busily active now with*
A: miscellaneous goods and accessories

7. Hobby
A: Collecting miscellaneous room accessories

8. Habit
A: I mispronounce the word "kutsu" (shoes). I pronounce it as ku↑ tsu↓ (the real pronunciation is "kùtsúꜜ" base from wiki)

9. Weak point or poor at
A: Having a wrong pace. Being moody.

10. Signature move (good at)
A: To disturb someone's pace (laugh)

11. Subject that you’re good at
A: in all subjects

12. Dish that you’re good cooking at
A: Home cooking. The one I made recently is Chicken Szechuan.

13. Impatient or carefree
A: Carefree! Like when eating, I consume 3 times more (than an ordinary person consumes)

14. Positive or negative *It could also mean active/passive but more sources say that it is positive/negative*
A: both

15. Old nickname
A: Hokkun

16. Bag’s necessity (except wallet and cellphone)
A: Dream, hope, and a little bit of love. Mint colored tablet.

17. Lessons that you had
A: Karate, English language, soccer

18. Admired senpai
A: Yamashita Tomohisa- kun

19. Juniors that you have a good relationship with
A: I go shopping with Yacchan (Yasui). I went to a meal with Shintaro today.

20. A moment you think that it is good to be in juniors
A: When I sing and dance. Acting too is fun. There are lot of things can be done.


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