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I'm getting more and more excited for the Team C's shows in crea...ajkhflajhfaaajfahdflkak but then I have a part-time job on those days T.T I hope someone will compile and translate the fanreports

Anyway, I hope it will be a blast and Taiga will be able to attend :)

Pls. read the ones in the notes first, thanks :D

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-This time, I used the one translated in Chinese
-Neither English nor Chinese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Jesse: Our whole Johnny’s Ginza (team C’s show) is prepared by us!
Morimoto: Indeed, all
Tanaka: Considering the various ideas, we all gather to discuss over those.
Matsumura: There is no choreographer during our dress rehearsal; this is not the first time right? There’s only the broker and the music maintenance staff.
Tanaka: Really, there’s not even a second not to be in with us! Since we are the one who taught about the choreography.
Morimoto: The one who is in-charge of it is Jesse and me.
Kouchi: Shintaro’s strength is dance, and we can rely on Jesse’s thoughts about it.
Tanaka: On the other hand, the 3 were in charge of composing; it’s a good division of labor right? It really turned into a good camaraderie of us in stage.
Morimoto: Our color (individual character/ strength), have showed-off nicely.
Tanaka: What you have said really makes sense at one point. There are also jokes, I feel that you will not get tired of it even though you already saw it.
Matsumura: Yes, it is interesting already right from the start.
Jesse: Thank you, we will start the show with fireworks.
Matsumura: That is more difficult *don’t know if he’s referring to financial difficulties* (laugh). I hope that the fans will be in their proper place 10 minutes before the show.
Tanaka: True. And then 5 minutes before the show, everyone will be ready and they’ll wait calmly.
Kouchi: Since everyone hypes up as the time goes nearer the OP, I hope they will not look at their watch.
Matsumura: The enthusiasm runs high.
Jesse: Since I challenged myself to make a song for my solo, I want everyone to look at it! And then…also make Kouchi sing!!
Kouchi: This…this is so sudden!?
Jesse: Because, you always only talk, and also the fans say, “I want to hear Kouchi sing”. And also I and Kyomoto (Taiga) want your singing voice. And also for Kouchi's momentum to increase, not increasing the degree of difficulty would be impossible.
Matsumura: Jesse, hold!
Jesse: Ah! Thank you. Hold!
Kouchi: Raising the difficulty everytime, it is good—-scary (laugh)!
Morimoto: But , because Kouchi’s voice is very resonant. During private times, his normal clothes look like working clothes, at one look he is undoubtly “an old man from Yokohama”, the song will be like... *I can't understand what's in the "" of the chinese version, I'll update it when I see the original one*
Kouchi: Actually, such as Mizuki’s (Inoue) is lovely. I just said it (laugh)!
Tanaka: The encore song is different everyday. It is Kyomoto’s suggestion.
Jesse: Yes, he can’t be present (in the show), but because we already heard his suggestion so we used it.
Matsumura: Because we always sing those songs the 6 of us, so even though he’s not there, his presence can still be felt.
Tanaka: It can be felt! And also this time, the 6 of us went for a meal…
Jesse: By any chance, if the staffs in the film Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou will be there, I will be completely startled.
Tanaka: I’ll be shocked, it’s been 2-3 years we haven’t seen them right?
Kouchi: We have a lot of feelings for those times.
Morimoto: That! The one who invites everyone to eat meal is me right? Everyone don’t neglect it.
Matsumura: When the 6 of us go out, it’s almost always for a meal.
Kouchi: And then, we eat and talk about many good things; we also split the bill fairly.
Morimoto: Not true, I pay more, aren’t I?
Jesse: Oh! You are talking by (to) yourself (laugh grimly)?
Matsumura: We’ll follow that now, Shintaro will pay a little more than us.
All except morimoto: Thank you for the treat
Morimoto: That, that can’t be!! Up to now, we always split the bill fairly. I told a lie. Then, from now on too, let’s split the bill fairly!
All: hahahahaha

Popolo 2015.06

credits disclaimer for the picture

Q. In your holiday vacation, where do you want to go to have fun?

A. Philippines. In the tv, I saw that you can freely jump (any kind extreme sport/ bungee jumping i think) from bulidings and builing mansions, I want to be tarzan I thought. (If) I go to Philippines, I want to do that challenge.

I'm so happy when I read this last night, especially that I am from the Philippines :D

I have to go, bye :)
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Jr. Selects for Jr. Awards

-The categories are almost the same with the 1st ones but this time the juniors were the one who voted :)

Please read the ones in the notes first :) thanks

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-All original scans are from [ profile] yoshiko_mama
-There is still a part 7 *the last part*. I asked my friend [ profile] mearikattun_hsj to translate it but she's still busy in her school life so let's just patiently wait for it ^.^ thanks

Jr. I would like to kiss
1st Matsumura Hokuto, Onishi Ryusei
2nd Jesse, Iwahashi Genki
3rd Hirano Sho, Matsumura Kaito, Tanaka Juri, Kyomoto Taiga

Matsumura Hokuto: 1st place in this category!?...From now on I’ll not get closer anymore in order to be careful (laugh).

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: Since hokuto’s lips are like lips of the girls that are purunpurun (jelly or bouncy).
Nakamura Reia: I always thought of him as sexy. He is labelled no. 1 with adult appeal
Onishi Ryusei: Occasionally, Daichan (Nishihata Daigo) comes to do kisses, that’s bad…(laugh)

Voters’ comments:
Kaneuchi Toma: He is a pure and innocent fellow. I think it has the same feeling to kissing a baby.
Daigo: If hugging or sleeping with Onishi-san, I might go with it.

I want xxx to be the student council president
1st Yoshizawa Shizuya, Fukasawa Tatsuya, Yasui Kentaro

Yoshizawa Shizuya: Why!? It will be a mess…because I’ll make the school hours short and increase the break time.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: He is reliable and kind. It seems that he can well put everyone in order.
Fukasawa Tatsuya: If I’ll be the student body head, I think the school will be a freedom. I will completely abolish the strict school regulations!

Voters’ comments:
Nagase Ren: He really thinks about his juniors and he is kind, it is easy to talk to him even if he is older.
Yasui Kentaro: If it is about my image in Gamushara right!(?) Fukka (Fukasawa) is more suitable than me.

Voters’ comment: I saw his appearance managing the live (live performances) . If we were classmates, I would have nominated him.

Seems to suit in girls’ clothes
1st Iwahashi Genki
2nd Kyomoto Taiga
3rd Nishihata Daigo

Iwahashi Genki: It is a good thing for an idol to show both faces!...I see it that way.

Voters’ comments:
Kyomoto Taiga: In Gamushara!, it suited to him to dress up like a woman in high spirit and he got a good figure.
Tajima Shogo: It’s not that I’m a shemale but he is really cute.

Jr. with Gap (Literally translated as it seems to be an herbivore but in reality it is a carnivore)
1st Iwahashi Genki
2nd Hagiya Keigo, Nakamura Reia, Miyachika Kaito, Kishi Yuta, Jinguji Yuta, Kyomoto Taiga, Hanzawa Akatsuki

Iwahashi Genki: For real!? I wonder if it is because during breakdance when I said “when it is time to do something you do it” appearance was shown?

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: When we were in the same team (breakdance), his manliness fully opened.
Matsuda Genta: He is like a girl but unexpectedly he’s a baseball boy, he has a gap.

Seems to be a crybaby
1st Matsukura Kaito
2nd Takahashi Kaito
3rd Iwahashi Genki, Morita Myuto

Matsukura Kaito: Certainly…but I haven’t cried recently, it feels like I’ve become a man.

Voters’ comments:
Kajiyama Asahi: One time I poked him in the forehead and he seemed to cry. But he is the type who will bluff like “this is just a sweat”.
Tajima Shogo: Actually, when his emotions are high he will cry. But I think that (he) is honest enough ne.

Seems to become a dandy in future
1st Kajiyama Asahi, Takahashi Kaito, Kishi Yuta
Kajiyama Asahi: This…I want to say it when I grow old isn’t it?*not sure, sorry* As what everyone hoped for, I’ll become a dandy!

Voters’ comments:
Morita Myuto: Whether in the future or in the present! His appearance is completely a Dandy already.
Takahashi Kaito: E? I have a younger brother character but I wonder if I’ll become a dandy in the near future? This result is unexpected~.

Voters’ comments:
Matsuda Genta: He looks cute, unexpectedly he has really low cool voice when talking.
Kishi Yuta: They voted right! I’ll be a dandy with a level that is the same as Johnny Depp in the future.

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: He’s already a dandy (laugh). He has the manliest feeling among the men!

No. 1 Funny
1st Miyachika Kaito
2nd Tanaka Juri
3rd Fukasawa Tatsuya

Miyachika Kaito: I’m happy! I live on everyone’s smile (Literally translate as everyone’s smile is my staple food) so from now on too I will be a funny man.

Voters’ comments:
Iwahashi Genki: In Shokura, the face he makes is kind of weird but funny!
Abe Aran: It’s funny when he jokes. The gag itself is exquisite (laugh).

I want xxx to be a school teacher
1st Abe Aran
2nd Jesse, Fukasawa Tatsuya
3rd Morimoto Shintaro, Yoshizawa Shizuya, Miyachika Kaito, Hirano Sho, Kishi Yuta

Abe Aran: It’s somewhat a mistake (laugh)!? Since I’m studying English, I’ll aim to be an English proficient teacher.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: It’s not convincing isn’t it (laugh), but he seems to be a friendly teacher.
Yoshizawa Shizuya: If it is a good looking teacher, it seems that the girl students are going to do their best in studying, that’s why (I voted for him)!

I want xxx to become Prime Minister
1st Hirano Sho, Miyachika Kaito
2nd Yasui Kentaro
3rd Iwamoto Hikaru, Haniuda Amu, Kajiyama Asahi, Kishi Yuta, Abe Ryohei

Hirano Sho: Finally everyone realized my intellect! No, I’m happy.

Voters’ comments:
Mukai Koji: People always laugh at almost everything he says. But, interpretation is needed since I don’t often understand what he says.
Miyachika Kaito: I will make the country bright like an amusement park! The presidents of other countries will be entertained with sushi.

Voters’ comments:
Jinguji Yuta: It’s not the leader spirit but he seems to make a country where everyone is helping each other in peace.
Takahashi Fu: I actually want him to recommend being a chief cabinet secretary. I think he suits to be in press conference on stage.

Naturally Airheaded
1st Hirano Sho
2nd Tajima Shogo
3rd Abe Aran

Hirano Sho: Ee. I’m also No.1 for the juniors! *I’m sorry I can’t understand the next line he said*

Voters’ comments:
Onishi Ryusei: He says wrong things a lot, and it cannot be understood.

Seems to marry early

1st Morita Myuto
2nd Jinguji Yuta, Abe Aran
3rd Nishihata Daigo, Matsumura Hokuto
Morita Myuto: I still haven’t think about things like marriage. But I earn for playing soccer with (my) child.

Voters’ comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: Since he has blond hair and duck lips-like flashy appearance, he got that image (of marrying early).
Abe Aran: His outside and inside appearance is steady for an adult. He seems to perfectly protect the household.

1st Nakamura Kaito
2nd Sakuma Daisuke
3rd Hamanaka Bunichi, Miyachika Kaito

Nakamura Kaito: I do not do too much anime talks in front of the juniors…but I certainly read manga(s).

Voters’ comments:
Takahashi Kaito: I think in reality it is different but his otaku-ish atmosphere is…
Nakamura Reia: He is an otaku. I also like manga(s) but compare to him, I can’t keep up with him at all.

No. 1 Mysterious

1st Hamanaka Bunichi
2nd Iwahashi Genki, Tajima Shogo, Matsukura Kaito

Hamanaka Bunichi: I’m already in the Hall of Fame. Kansai Juniors, from now on do your best in order to be in 1st place.

Voters’ comments:
Nishihata Daigo: He was like communicating with the universe; looking outside the window and slowly swaying left and right.
Onishi Ryusei: If I pull a lottery in front of Bunichi-kun, it results to a very precious item!

*I'm not so sure about Daigo's and Ryusei's comments, sorry*

Seems to suit in blond
1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Abe Aran, Kaneuchi Toma
3rd Yasui Kentaro, Miyachika Kaito

Jinguji Yuta: It’s only a few times that I’ve been in blond but I’m happy to be told that it suits to me.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: I’m used to seeing him in blond than in black~it suits him!
Matsuda Genta: Somewhat, the appearance in flashy. Though the one who’s in blond is a very nice guy.

1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Nagase Ren, Kajiyama Asahi, Nakamura Reia, Mukai Koji
Jinguji Yuta: In order to defeat Iwahashi and Kyomoto-kun! When I was with them for a TV program’s project, I always look at the mirror.

Voters’ comments:
Kyomoto Taiga: When we gather for glass harp practice, he was looking at the mirror for nearly an hour.
Iwahashi Genki: He wore my scarf without my permission, and he made the “It suits to me right?” face.

No. 1 Lewd
1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Haniuda Amu, Tanaka Juri

Jinguji Yuta: Everyone like dirty jokes that’s why I’m telling them those kinds. I believe it means to liven up the mood (laugh).

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: He has lots of exposure; it’s very easy to understand that he seems to like ero (stuffs)
Matsumura Hokuto: He does not talk about things like that. But, honestly I am more lewd (laugh).

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Jr. Selects for Jr. Awards

-The categories are almost the same with the 1st ones but this time the juniors were the one who voted :)

Please read the ones in the notes first :) thanks

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-Those comments with *** are translated by my friend [ profile] mearikattun_hsj
-All original scans are from [ profile] yoshiko_mama

No.1 Sexy
1st Matsumura Hokuto
2nd Jinguji Yuta, Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga

Hokuto’s comment: I’m first at sexy category and wants to kiss category…why does jesse voted me on both parties (laugh)!

Voters’ comments:
Kajiyama Asahi: One time, we had a discussion about “I want to shake my hips *hiproll*”. Sexy!
Kouchi Yugo: In live’s solo corner, only Hokuto’s nipples are always exposed!

I want xxx to be my older brother
1st Morita Myuto
2nd Yasui Kentaro
3rd Hagiya Keigo, Kishi Yuta, Kouchi Yugo

Morita Myuto: Since Genta is under my care a lot, of course h is voting for me right (laugh)!?

Voters’ comments:
Matsuda Genta: Cool and kind. Honestly, I’m aiming at younger brother’s position (laugh)
Nakamura Kaito: Very kind! He bought a pair of jeans for my birthday present.

No.1 Good Combination
1st Matsuda Genta and Matsukura Kaito
2nd Morita Myuto and Kyomoto Taiga, Morohoshi Shoki and Tanaka Juri, Abe Aran and Miyachika Kaito, Hirano Sho and Nagase Ren, Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki

Matsukura Kaito: He knows me. Also earlier when I was thinking, he directly knew it.
Matsuda Genta: I’m super happy! When Matsukura is doing his best, “I don’t want to be defeated ” so it always encourages me.

Voters’ comments:
Kishi Yuta: They compensate each others’ reciprocal; I think it is an interesting decoboko (roughness, unevenness) balance.
Yoshizawa Shizuya: They are interesting and good at dancing. It is good to consider each other as rivals.

If xxx is my kouhai then I'll be happy
1st Iwamoto Hikaru, Takahashi Kaito
2nd Onishi Ryusei
3rd Yoshizawa Shizuya, Matsukura Kaito, Jesse

Iwamoto Hikaru: Ee, Why kouhai? Kouhai is a no way thing? *I’m not sure how to translate kouhai wa iya na no* If someone is in trouble, it is ok with me to help him. *I don’t know if this is correct sorry*

Voters’ Comments:
Tajima Shogo: Dancing skilfully and being kind…this kouhai is reaching unconditional strong will
Matsuda Genta: I want to say “reliable!”! But it is absolutely impossible (laugh)

Takahashi Kaito: Really?! To senpais, different juniors who participated in this selection, thank you very much.

Voters’s Comments
Miyachika Kaito: He depends too much! Like chatting to or having game with.
Abe Aran: Since he is very friendly, I would really love to have a kouhai like that at school that.

If xxx is my senpai, then I'll be happy
1st Fukasawa Tatsuya
2nd Yasui Kentaro, Hirano Sho
3rd Jesse, Morita Myuto

Fukasawa Tatsuya: Isn’t it~! I don’t only go to eat with them, I also go with them to amusement park to play.

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: A good senpai who treats his kouhai generously. I also want to be treated!
Hirano Sho: Somehow kind. I frequently hear him ask “Hirano genki? (Hirano, are you ok?)”.

Likely to become a good papa
1st Yoshizawa Shizuya
2nd Morita Myuto
3rd Mukai Koji, Morohoshi Shoki, Morimoto Shintaro, Fukasawa Tatsuya

Yoshizawa Shizuya: Likely to become a baka parent ne. For my child, I’ll study and practice and listen up to anything since I like to become the No. 1.

Voters’ comments:
Meguro Ren: He is a person of firm character, also within Travis Japan he is the mediator.

*I can’t read Kajiyama Asahi’s comment, sorry*

Seems to eat a lot
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Kishi Yuta
3rd Hirano Sho, Jesse, Nakamura Kaito, Morohoshi Shoki

Morimoto Shintaro: I always take large servings in meals. But recently when my stomach gets full, I take Oolong tea.
Voters’ comments:

Kyomoto Taiga: 30 minutes before going out on stage, he ate eel bento and fish bento, and I was shocked.
Hirano Sho: The amount of food he eats is shocking! He can eat a set of meal which is for about 3 persons.

Seems to be a strong fighter
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Iwamoto Hikaru
3rd Yoshizawa Shizuya, Hirano Sho

Morimoto Shintaro: My strength in average. In the punching machine in game center, Jesse is stronger than me.

Voters’ comments:
Nakamura Reia: As the representative of our age group, I want to see him and Iwamoto-kun in a match.
***Nagase Ren: Juniors’ boss. If there are fights, he seems the one who will definitely protect (me).

No. 1 Wild
1st Morimoto Shintaro
2nd Kajiyama Asahi
3rd Hirano Sho

***Morimoto Shintaro: Recently, Jinguji has been calling me “gori”, but the wild me will forgive him.

Voters’ comments:
***Hirano Sho: His personality, the way he eats meals, his appearance, everything about him is wild.
***Takahashi Fu: During rehearsals, the bangs showing up on his cap seems manly.

I want xxx to be my younger brother
1st Takahashi Kaito
2nd Onishi Ryusei, Matsuda Genta
3rd Tamamoto Fumito, Hashimoto Ryo, Matsukura Kaito

Takahashi Kaito: Actually I really have an older sister. And that results to I’m always called “younger brother-like”.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: I always feel that I have to care about him when I talk to him. *I’m not so sure about this, sorry*
Matsukura Kaito: We often go home together; however, he wants to buy all the cute sweets.

Seems to have an art sense
1st Kyomoto Taiga
2nd Nakamura Reia, Morita Myuto
3rd Tanaka Juri, Kishi Yuta, Takahashi Fu, Miyachika Kaito, Mukai Koji

Kyomoto Taiga: I love to draw that’s why I honestly think that I have this sense. Drawing real like portraits is my specialty.

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: That guy draws anything. Especially Fukusawa-kun’s portrait resembles!
Kouchi Yugo: He often scribbles when he holds a pen and it turns out to be unexpectedly nice.

No.1 Beautiful Voice
1st Jesse
2nd Kyomoto Taiga
3rd Masuda Ryo

Jesse: I don’t like my voice that much but I am happy to receive (the 1st place) such things like this!

Voters’ comments:
Yasui Kentaro: When he sings ballad, his voice is very good!
Matsumura Hokuto: He has beautiful voice. When Jesse sings, it feels that the lyrics come to life.

Seems to be good at monomane
1st Jesse
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Fukasawa Tatsuya

Jesse: Undoubtedly “I equals to monomane” impression is strong right? Right now, I am practicing Masafumi Akikawa-san.

Voters’ comments:
Morimoto Shintaro: During rehearsal, it was so cute when he said “wakanai (I don’t understand)” in Donald’s voice.
Takahashi Kaito: He is very very skilful in doing monomane of Donald Duck and Hideaki Tokunaga-san.

Seems to be weak at fighting
1st Nishihata Daigo
2nd Tajima Shogo, Matsukura Kaito, Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga

Nishihata Daigo: No, I’m strong. Only when there’s a fight, I’ll immediately contact the police. I’m a pacifist.

Voters’ comments:
Mukai Koji: If he will be involved with scary people, I think he’ll runaway to call the police.
Kaneuchi Toma: It seems that his grip is weak. But it might become stronger due to SHOCK’s training.

Likely to become domineering husband
1st Tanaka Juri
2nd Jinguji Yuta
3rd Nagase Ren, Jesse, Miyachika Kaito, Kaneuchi Toma

Tanaka Juri: It’s from Johnny’s? (or People from Johnny’s are the ones who chose?) I think I’m also kind when I’m in front of the girls~!

Voters’ comments:
Jesse: There was a time he got angry to Shintaro and Morohoshi like a domineering husband.
Morimoto Shintaro: Juri will lead the meat diet, it also seems that he’ll decide all by himself about house matters.

I want to be friends with xxx
1st Tanaka Juri
2nd Miyachika Kaito
3rd Onishi Ryusei, Kishi Yuta, Kajiyama Asahi

Tanaka Juri: You and you cannot be friends. It is the relationship at work…is absolutely a lie (laugh)!

Voters’ comments:
Abe Aran: A really funny person. Easy to be with, it is a lot of fun even if we’re only having a talk.
Nakamura Reia: Enjoying (his?) life more than anyone. If we’re together, we are laughing all the time.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 6
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Certainly Will Win By Wide Range
-there are 6 sub-categories under this :)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

No.1 Wild
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Kajiyama Asahi (3rd)
3rd Iwamoto Hikaru (4th)
4th Jinguji Yuta (7th)
5th Kishi Yuta (9th)

Seems to eat a lot
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Nakamura Kaito (3rd)
3rd Kajiyama Asahi (11th)
4th Hirano Sho (7th)
5th Morohoshi Shoki (15th)

Seems to be a strong fighter
1st Morimoto Shintaro (1st)
2nd Iwamoto Hikaru (2nd)
3rd Tanaka Juri (11th)
4th Hirano Sho (16th)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (4th)

Naturally Airheaded
1st Hirano Sho (1st)
2nd Abe Aran (6th)
3rd Takahashi Fu (3rd)
4th Nakamura Reia (7th)
5th Nagase Ren (18th)

Seems to have strong ability to sense the supernatural
1st Kouchi Yugo (1st)
2nd Nakamura Reia (3rd)
3rd Hamanaka Bunichi (2nd)
4th Iwahashi Genki (9th)
5th Tajima Shogo (not in rank)

No. 1 Mysterious
1st Hamanaka Bunichi (1st)
2nd Hirano Sho (2nd)
3rd Nkamura Reia (10th)
4th Takahashi Kaito (33rd)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (3rd)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5
Part 6
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Various Ranking!
-It seems that the rankings in the sub-categories here are based on what the readers think about the juniors' image.

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

I want xxx to become Prime Minister
1st Hirano Sho (3rd)
2nd Yasui Kentaro (14th)
3rd Kishi Yuta (5th)
4th Jesse (8th)
5th Haniuda Amu (4th)

1st Jinguji Yuta (1st)
2nd Shimekake Ryuya (9th)
3rd Nagase Ren (8th)
4th Abe Aran (28th)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (6th)

Celebrity-like *living like a celebrity; living luxuriously*
1st Kyomoto Taiga (1st)
2nd Haniuda Amu (3rd)
3rd Abe Aran (not in rank)
4th Jesse (4th)
5th Jinguji Yuta (11th)

Likely to become a good papa
1st Kishi Yuta (2nd)
2nd Yasui Kentaro (8th)
3rd Hirano Sho (15th)
4th Kouchi Yugo (4th)
5th Jinguji Yuta (27th)

Seems to be good at monomane
1st Jesse (1st)
2nd Miyachika Kaito (3rd)
3th Morihoshi Shoki (10th)
4th Koji Mukai (11th)
5th Hirano Sho (not in rank)

1st Nakamura Kaito (1st)
2nd Sakuma Daisuke (2nd)
3rd Nishihata Daigo (3rd)
4th Morihoshi Shoki (11th)
5th Miyachika Kaito (5th)

No.1 Good Combination
1st Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki (2nd)
2nd Nagase Ren and Hirano Sho (8th)
3rd Matsukura Kaito and Matsuda Genta (6th)
4th Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
5th Kishi Yuta and Abe Aran (not in rank)

Likely to become a domineering husband
1st Tanaka Juri (11th)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (5th)
3rd Morimoto Shintaro (13th)
4th Jesse (8th)
5th Nagase Ren (10th)

Seems to ignore messages (new category) *is my translation correct? :)*
1st Hirano Sho
2nd Tanaka Juri
3rd Abe Aran
4th Nakamura Kaito
5th Jinguji Yuta

Seems like to do pranks
1st Nakamura Reia (2nd)
2nd Iwahashi Genki (20th)
3rd Kishi Yuta (4th)
4th Jinguji Yuta (3rd)
5th Hirano Sho (16th)

Likely to become a future novelist
1st Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
2nd Haniuda Amy (2nd)
3rd Hagiya Keigo (4th)
4th Kyomoto Taiga (10th)
5th Yasui Kentaro (23rd)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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I don't understand the title of this category *so please do tell me the title if you know* but this category is like "If he is my xxx then I'll be happy" or "I want xxx to be my xxx"

The rank enclosed in parenthesis after the junior's name is his previous rank.


credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scans

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

If xxx is my kouhai then I'll be happy (new category)
1st Onishi Ryusei
2nd Iwahashi Genki
3rd Matsuda Genta
4th Matsukura Kaito
5th Takahashi Kaito

I want xxx to be my younger brother
1st Onishi Ryusei (1st)
2nd Takahashi Kaito (30th)
3rd Matsukura Kaito (2nd)
4th Iwahashi Genki (3rd)
5th Inoue Mizuki (not in rank)

If xxx is my senpai then I'll be happy (new category)
1st Yasui Kentaro
2nd Kishi Yuta
3rd Nagase Ren
4th Jesse
5th Matsumura Hokuto

I want xxx to be my older brother
1st Yasui Kentaro (3rd)
2nd Kishi Yuta (1st )
3rd Morita Myuto (5th)
4th Jesse (4th)
5th Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)

I want xxx to be the student council president
1st Yasui Kentaro (5th)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)
3rd Kishi Yuta (3rd)
4th Hirano Sho (27th)
5th Kaneuchi Toma (22nd)

I want to be friends with xxx
1st Kishi Yuta (2nd)
2nd Hirano Sho (5th)
3rd Tanaka Juri (1st)
4th Jinguji Yuta (6th)
5th Miyachika Kaito (15th)

Most likely to become a newscaster
1st Yasui Kentaro (11th)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)
3rd Kaneuchi Toma (6th)
4th Mukai Koji (3rd)
5th Haniuda Amu (5th)

I want xxx to be a school teacher
1st Jesse (5th)
2nd Yasui Kentaro (7th)
3rd Matsumura Hokuto (4th)
4th Mukai Koji (10th)
5th Abe Aran (26th)

Seems to become dandy in future (new category)
1st Jesse
2nd Matsumura Hokuto
3rd Kajiyama Asahi
4th Morimoto Shintaro
5th Iwahashi Genki

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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Hi, long time no post :) I only roughly translated the ranking of the juniors in different categories included in Jr. Awards.

The rank enclosed in parenthesis after the junior's name is his previous rank.

credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scans :)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Ikemen’s Conditions

-there are 17 sub-categories for this

Seems to have beautiful fingers
1st Kishi Yuta (previously ranked 1st)
2nd Kyomoto Taiga (2nd)
3rd Jinguji Yuta (9th)
4th Nagase Ren (5th)
5th Jesse (4th)

No.1 Sexy
1st Jinguji Yuta (1st)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)
3rd Jesse (3rd)
4th Abe Aran (not in rank)
5th Nagase Ren (7th)

No. 1 Lewd *is my translation correct? :)*
1st Jinguji Yuta (1st)
2nd Tanaka Juri (3rd)
3rd Kishi Yuta (10th)
4th Matsumura Hokuto (6th)
5th Morohoshi Shoki (9th)

Seems to be devoted to her girlfriend (new category)
1st Jinguji Yuta
2nd Kishi Yuta
3rd Jesse
4th Hirano Sho
5th Iwahashi Genki

No. 1 Funny
1st Hirano Sho (2nd)
2nd Miyachika Kaito (6th)
3rd Morohoshi Shoki (3rd)
4th Kishi Yuta (4th)
5th Mukai Koji (16th)

Seems to suit in blond
1st Abe Aran (27th)
2nd Jinguji Yuta (1st)
3rd Yasui Kentaro (3rd)
4th Kaneuchi Toma (6th)
5th Morita Myuto (11th)

1st Nagase Ren (1st)
2nd Jinguji Yuta (5th)
3rd Abe Aran (20th)
4th Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)
5th Nakamura Reia (4th)

Seems to have an art sense (new category)
1st Takahashi Kaito
2nd Nakamura Reia
3rd Mukai Koji
4th Kyomoto Taiga
5th Yasui Kentaro

Seems to confess by kabedon (new category)
1st Jesse
2nd Jinguji Yuta
3rd Nagase Ren
4th Abe Aran
5th Matsumura Hokuto

Seems to fit with eyeglasses
1st Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
2nd Jinguji Yuta (23rd)
3rd Jesse (2nd)
4th Abe Aran (15th)
5th Yasui Kentaro (7th)

Seems to be intelligent
1st Matsumura Hokuto (2nd)
2nd Haniuda Amu (3rd)
3rd Kaneuchi Toma (18th)
4th Yasui Kentaro (23rd)
5th Nagase Ren (4th)

Seems to be good at cooking
1st Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
2nd Jesse (4th)
3rd Kishi Yuta (3rd)
4th Tanaka Juri (10th)
5th Yasui Kentaro (15th)

Seems to be a clean freak
1st Nakamura Reia (1st)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (4th)
3rd Kishi Yuta (5th)
4th Kyomoto Taiga (6th)
5th Abe Aran (27th)

No.1 Fashionable
1st Morita Myuto (4th)
2nd Jinguji Yuta (2nd)
3rd Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
4th Matsuda Genta (24th)
5th Abe Aran (18th)

No.1 Beautiful Voice (new category)
1st Kyomoto Taiga
2nd Jesse
3rd Nagase Ren
4th Kishi Yuta
5th Hirano Sho

Seems to fit in Kimono
1st Kyomoto Taiga (2nd)
2nd Matsumura Hokuto (1st)
3rd Nakamura Reia (3rd)
4th Kishi Yuta (7th)
5th Yasui Kentaro (19th)

No.1 Pretty Boy
1st Kyomoto Taiga (1st)
2nd Nagase Ren (7th)
3rd Abe Aran (14th)
4th Hirano Sho (4th)
5th Jesse (5th)

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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Hi~ ^.^

I really like his picture in this scan akjdhakhfakfhalfaja, he looks so innocent :D

WinkUp_201412_12 1

(c_orig_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Favorite Hot Drink
-Is it okay to answer miso soup? If that's the case then, I like nameko (a kind of mushroom) and tofu miso soup! Of course the handmade one, but I also like the one sold in the convenient store. When I was in the butai (stage play), my daily routine is that I will buy miso soup and onigiri in the convenient store then I will eat in the dressing room. A combination of a hot miso soup and a little cold salmon and tuna onigiri, it's the best!

A Dream-like Story
-NEWS' Tegoshi-kun said to me "let's go to meal once you become 20 years old." And to realize, there's only 1 month left until I turn 20! By now, I have to start preparing for it (Laugh). Of course we will have a meal together, however, I want to go to karaoke with Tegoshi-kun. By the way, today before the time for photo-shoot, I and Myuto went to karaoke. From calm music to intense rock, it's like we plunged into a concert for 2 hours, and I sang intensely (Laugh).
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Super Belated Happy Birthday to Taiga, Belated Merry Christmas, and one day late Happy New Year~!!


(c_scans) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Private Style Book

Today I am wearing my recently bought leather jacket. Besides from its caramel color which is rare, I think it is perfect to be a nice (to look at) clothe to use when going to work. In addition, this bag is also recently bought. My basis for this is that you can hold it using only one hand (or empty-handed), that's why I like it; I was loved at first sight when I saw this in the shop. The things inside are such things ad wallet and the notebook I use for writing song lyrics.


If you are not a Jr....
-Since I like drawing pictures and thinking stories, I might be aiming to become a manga artist. When I was an elementary student, I get papers without permission in the copying machine at home and nicely drawing illustrations and manga(s) there. Right now I am blessed with the opportunity to sing so I'm focusing on music , but err...if I continued in doing popular manga, I might have become a best-selling author!?

If a wish will come true...
-The original songs which I wrote and composed be collected together. Then it will be released in 2-3 albums isn't it? If the amount has been enough, it's good to have a kind of event where it can be announced to the fans. I don't only want to sing, I want to have like talk and handshake meeting, anyway, I want to try to be close with the fans and to socialize with them!

If you were to be born again...
-Shark! I am a hopeless swimmer ne. I have a dream to swim smoothly in the sea that's why I want to become a fish. To become a shark who is the strongest among the creatures born in the sea is good since it seems that there are lot of danger to small fishes. It's not the me right now, to get out wildly *not so sure about this part gomen >.<* (Laugh).

I hope you enjoyed reading it, even though there are parts that I am not so sure, and I hate it that there are 2 phrases which I'm not so sure >.< gomen

edited :D Thanks to [ profile] ryomerisu
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My last trans or 2nd to the last trans maybe (?) lol before the new sem starts


(c_orig_scans) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Q. Something you want to explore if you want to become a spy.
A. I want to sneak in the actual spot of an artist when he's composing and writing lyrics, or recording because I want it to be my reference in making music. But even though I'm a spy and I met an important, I'll ask for an autograph (laugh).

Q. You'll do to shine to steal a girl's heart.
A. Yattenainaa *I can't figure out what's the exact meaning of this, but I think this is in Jap slang which men uses it as an expression*. I still don't exactly know what to say to make a girl go "kya". I'm weak at being cool, however, I'll write lyrics everyday to convey my feelings through music!

Q. I wish I have this spy good!
A. A mask that will completely change my face into a woman, and I will wear a woman's clothes to disguise. Then, I'll slip into the fans. I want to know what kind of stories they talk about. I want to listen to it even once!

Q. Myuto's secret!
A. He's terribly indecisive. Even we went out as two, we will follow the plan that I thought of in advance. I wonder what will happen to this guy when he'll go on a date? I'm worried about Myuto's future (laugh).

Recent Memo: I and Myuto went to Kyoto. It was very healing to spent time in temple. The food in chicken restaurant, that the local people there loves, was very delicious.

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Taiga was the junior featured in the vol. 5 of Popolo's Data Base that was released last September, 2014

(c_orig_scan) [ profile] kyomototaiga

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

1. Favorite food
A: Tomato

2. Favorite drink
A: Milk coffee

3. Favorite Animal
A: small-breed dog

4. Favorite color
A: Purple

5. Favorite movie genre
A: Japanese film

6. You are busy into what now? *lit. Busily active now with*
A: Acoustic guitar

7. Hobby
A: Compose a piece of music

8. Habit
A: Making sounds from my joints

9. Weak point or poor at
A: To all ball games

10. Signature move (good at)
A: Senpai no uta mane *copying senpai’s moves while singing* (Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun, Shibutani Subaru-kun )

11. Subject that you’re good at
A: Arts

12. Dish that you’re good cooking at
A: Okonomiyaki

13. Impatient or carefree
A: Impatient

14. Active or Passive *It could also mean positive/negative but I think it is more of being active or passive is what being asked lol*
A: I want to be active towards love. To other things, passive.

15. Old nickname
A: Tai-chan

16. Bag’s necessity (except wallet and cellphone)
A: Cellphone charger

17. Lessons that you had
A: Karate, English conversation, tennis

18. Admired senpai
A: Tegoshi Yuya- kun

19. Juniors that you have a good relationship with
A: Morita Myuto, Kishi Takayoshi (the 3 of us are always together)

20. A moment you think that it is good to be in juniors
A: I couldn’t imagine. It would be the experiences.

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Another Taiga related trans, sorry for being biased >.<

anyway, enjoy :D

You'll see how childish he is >.- <--wink


(c_orig_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Recently, I feel that my competitiveness has changed. Before, losing in a game is mortifying! It looks like a childish competitiveness, however, recently I get angry to myself when I wasn't able to follow the rule that I have decided. I have become an adult for a little!...that's what I say, but I quarreled with Takahashi Kaito the other day (laugh). That guy provoked me by saying, "Team Breakdance will win!" in the showdown in Gamushara. I was objecting his point of view then Yasui stopped us (laugh). I don't hold back even to small children, because to anticipate to childishness is a man's appeal (laugh) *not sure about this gomen >.< *. I'll put all my strength to put another way around what Kai (Kaito) had said. Double Dutch Team must definitely win!

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Yo :) Ja-jaan~!! Another Taiga related translation :D etto...I'm kinda confused on the last part, and I find it tricky T.T gomen

anyway, ENJOY :))

(c_orig_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Laid-back (lifestyle) Private Report

I am now practicing guitar on my own, I am also challenging to play my favorite Mr. Children's music. For the most part of the song, the fast phase before the hook or the hook is in F-chord. I came out pressing down all the strings by my middle finger. I always can't get on time and my finger blocks up. I call it "F no kabe". Since the practice stops when it comes to the phase with F-chord, I rather play only up to the B melody and the whole hook in in acapella (laugh).

hook- high point of a song
kabe- wall/barrier

Actually, I wrote lyrics about liking the girlfriend's friend. Holding the feelings of guilt of a forbidden affection. When I was writing the lyrics, I was like, "Why can I write something like this"? I became scared but, it was fun to be like a novelist. I wonder if I could also write a novel unexpectedly...? No no, after all it is impossible. There is no way that a person who failed in F-chord and stop practicing it would be able to write hundreds of pages of sentences!

Nakada (Hiroki), Shimekake (Ryuya), and I went to a theme park. We rode in the coffee cup and it turned round and round, and we got down with motion sickness. After that, we spent an hour resting in a restaurant. When we had recovered, we went for rides again. Those were also rotating rides! We rode vehicles with circular patterns. I still haven't fully recovered from sickness, therefore I tried handling so as not to make the vehicle turn. I made the goal once (preventing the vehicle from turning). It was zero fun however, it was a splendid safe driving even if I say so myself (laugh).

I intentionally used the word "the" instead of the word "my" lol

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Hi ^.^ at last (after my procrastination and adjustment), I've done translating a magazine article since the class had started.


(c_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Hair and fashion change, preparation to welcome the summer season is OK!

I thought that I wanted to color my hair light brown and bleached it for the first time in summer. It is the brightest color I've ever had! My mother does not usually praise me but she said,"it's good to look like a genki child"; the reactions from the neighborhood are nice and I'm satisfied. However, it looks more baka that before, I might have come to be tampered in MC. Also earlier, kouchi is making a fool by saying manjuu or mantou. But I remember that I was good in the range of tests that I had made. How would something learn everything?

Having dyed brown hair, the fashion I'm wearing also changes. So far, there's a lot of boots in loose denim (pants) appearance, however, sneakers in skinny pants also looks good. Recently, I bought a pair of sneakers from the brand that Myuto likes. Since I don't want to be called a copy cat, I went all the way to mail him, "I bought it". Thinking about it, a brand is for everyone, and yet, why did I asked him about it (laugh)?
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Hi guys, it's been more than a month since the last time I posted here >.< so yeah, a little bit busy about college stuffs lol

so here, I translated the "recent memo" part only, since my mind is so lazy to understand all what is written in the article *gomen*

So the 1st part, he talks about Yamada, who he played with in a park when they're babies lol and on the 3rd part *I think*, he talks about how he unconsciously makes sound on his joints when he's inside the train. LOL

PS: I still haven't done translating the requested articles, gomen >.<

(c_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Recent Memo

I got to buy things like clutch bag, sneakers and various kinds of shoes. My obsession to shoes becomes worse recently.
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The interview here is so interesting *for me at least lol* anyway, I'm not that sure about the 3rd topic, sorry >.<

(c_scan) [ profile] kyomototaiga

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Kyomoto Taiga

A woman’s cuteness appears at defenseless times. For example, when she thinks that nobody is looking, she’ll carelessly yawn. Furthermore, when she noticed that I have seen her, she’ll end up in a red face ❤ Until very recently, my ideal type is adult like women, however, lately, cute younger girls are also nice. I think that I must become an adult since consciousness is strong, that may be the effect.

When I was an elementary student, my tutor gave birth to twins, and we went to congratulate her. It was my first time to carry a baby in my arms, so I was very nervous. Carrying in both hands, I was surprised it was squishy! They’re cute, they look like angels. I wonder if hearts can be purified by hugging the twin angels…?

I got a point in cute character guessing game, then Myuto (Morita) brought out some money and bought it immediately. But we have it at home; we only don’t have tinkerbell’s room light. I used the motif in a scene in Peter Pan, it was really cute. It’s only that Myuto haven’t seen it (laugh)

I'm really sorry about the 3rd one T.T anyway, I can imagine Taiga holding the baby, askjdhfakhfalkhfalhalfhalfahlahlahala haha
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Yo~!! I translated the date plan part of Aran's ideal date since a friend of mine requested for it lol


(c_orig_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks ^.^

Simple Date <3 Happenings

10:00- Go to the girlfriend's house to meet her; Wait for her doing her preparations
12:00- She finally comes out from the house
13:00- Arrive in Odaiba, lunch
14:30- Choose each other's clothes
I'll pick the clothes that I like; I want her to wear it. Clothes with energetic street feeling are nice. A style that others don't usually wear! After that, I'll also let her choose my clothes. Dying each other's color feels good deshou~ (laugh).
15:30- Choose perfume in the fragrance shop
16:00- Watch movie
Tired from buying things, I might fall asleep while watching movie.......when I'm not careful! Though women perhaps like romantic stuffs, since it is summer, here is the horror!
18:00- Go to see the sea
19:00- Complete meal dinner
21:00- Leave Odaiba
22:00- Sent her back home and bid bye-bye
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A translation about Taiga again, sorry for being too biased >.<


(c_orig_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks


1. A plant that you had raised?

Japanese Morning Glory, I was happy when it bloomed; it was beautiful. It is a hard thing to decide when to put water and fertilizer to it. I raised it splendidly!

2. If you'll give flower as a present to a girl

I like bright colors so it will be yellow and orange colored flowers. If it is in this season, a boquet of sunflower might be nice. I'll carry a big lovely boquet, I'm like a prince to the girl a like ne.

3. If you'll compare each of you 4 to a vegetable

Juri- Broccoli
Myself- Tomato
Yugo- Cabbage

I want to be like a tomato since its appearance is beautiful (laugh). Shintaro and Juri look perfectly. Juri's hair is beyond cool; I wonder if I'm the only one who sees it like a Broccoli. Yugo is a gentle tasted cabbage loved by men and women of all ages. It is thin and fluent.

4. If you will be a decorative plant, who among the 4 you want to be raised by?

Based on the appearance, a gorilla is methodical, intelligent, and kind. That's why I wonder if it is also food to be raised by Shintaro. It seems Juri will make his parents or younger brother to take care of it that's why he is absolutely a no!

5. Impression in field work DOUZO!

Though I didn't know that vegetables can be grown in metropolitan, it is fun. But it is likely you'll be burned under the sun and it is so hot, it's fine with me to be in charge of eating vegetables (laugh).

Extra Column VITAMIN J

Music that makes you happy when you hear it
-Boku No Soba Ni Wa Hoshi Ga Aru by Tackey and Tsubasa

People that makes you happy when you meet them

Phrase that makes you feel happy when it is said to you
-To be reliable ne

Since I forget about my troubles when I meet my friends, I wonder if meeting a friend is healing. Since my appearance looks weak, I get hyped-up when manly feel words were said.

Recent Memo
I plan to have a hair change soon after the work. It's been a long while since the last time I dyed my hair, I'll do my best in order to not make it flashy.

Kyomoto Taiga-December 03, 1994-Tokyo Prefecture-Blood Type B
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Ja-jaan~!! This time, a trans about lewis :) I translated this for my friend

I decided that I'll keep the expressions "ne", "kawaii" etc. as it is


(c_scan) [ profile] yoshiko_mama

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

The Pet That Jesse Wants to Keep

-He's now taking care of a dog, what are the other pets he wants to keep?


Since I already have a dog, an animal that I still don't have is nice. Ferret is not too small and not too big so it might be nice. Grandpa used to kept one in the past. Being nicely attached to it, it was cute. I liked the gap, I was hooked to it (laugh). We often play together.

Name is Long

When I say, "Long come", around 50 cm in size (refering to Long) will come, kawaii~(laugh). However, when I call Long, "Short!", shushushu~he'll become short (in size), I wonder if I'll also train him such a skill like that~.

It Will Be a Male!

Since males understand each others' feelings ne. Somewhat one with the mischievous character is fine, since I'll properly teach him. But, to be able to raise it obediently is nice. I will always stay beside him and spend time together like a child. I want to carry him in my arms all the time.

If Jesse is the pet owner...?
-5 privileges to get if it becomes Jesse's pet

1: Give a Kiss Everyday

I think kiss is the foundation. I laso like being lick since it is one of the ways to have a close relationship with each other. Later, if you feel a little cold, it will wind around your neck. Once in a while, you can ask it to clean the floor by asking it to roll, it as a practical pet ne (laugh).

2: We'll Sleep Together Everyday

We'll also take a bath and sleep together! Then, when we are in bed, I'll let it listen to my problems. I think that it can also talk. Since the technology of the world has evloved this much, I think sooner or later, a pet translation machine will be made.

3: We'll Fully Play

We'll play hide-and-seek. It is part of communication! I'm starting hide-and-seek with baby talk but, on the other side is a fast adult voice. At a certain time, I'll win and return coolly and asked, "Where did I hide?". Aah, it seems fun.

4: We'll Have a Date

Not simply taking for a walk, we'll try a real date. But it's not everyday. Since there are days that I have to go to work. I'll try about 3 days in a week, in Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays! I wonder if Long can remember the sense of the days?

5: To Have English Conversation

I wonder if I'll also teach him English language next to Japanese language. Looking at the dog in our house, I think it is really talking. Since I want to have a full communication, I also want to teach hiim various words.

1-If You Meet This Person, It Will Make You Feel Genki

Probably if I meet Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun, I'll seized the story in various ways *I'm not so sure about this, sorry*, it is simulation.

2-Uplifting Words

When I called Fujigaya-kun, I was happy when he told,"You are you as it is all the time", to me.

3- The Thing That Makes You Feel Genki When You Eat It
Yakiniku. I like beef strips, my tongue always looks for it, I think it says,"It is so delicious to eat!"

Profile: Jesse-June 11,1996-Tokyo Prefecture

Recent Happening:

After J's Party!!, everyone want to eat tonkatsu. The waiter asked to put the cheese in, it was delicious~. I like cheese that's why at home I will aslo add cheese to gyoza. I also like Caprese. Cheese fits with anything ne.
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I guess I'm bad at translating things when the topic is about love lol gomen, so I'm not 100% sure about the things in 2 and 3 >.<

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Guard You

Kyomoto Taiga

Q1. What is the thing that you'll protect even if your life will be at risk?
A1. I want to protect the belief "Never give up" that I learned from the senpais. I really like singing, that's why my dream is that someday people around the world will listen to the musics that I make, I'll never give up, whoever or whatever comes in my way. For the sake of that dream, I started studying the English language.

Q2. When will be the moment that you want to protect the girl?
A2. When the girl innocently smiled from the heart in front of me. Though I think the girl will exclaim, "oh no" (laugh), then the guy will be happy that she showed her purely.

Q3. A guard is tough, how will you open to the girl that you like?
A3. I wonder if something approaches in my mind without thinking anything daring. I'll not hide my feelings for her. How should I put it, I think your feelings will absolutely be expose from making out.

Q4. Recent happening to think of!
A3. During the Hakata performance in Takizawa Kabuki, my body went a little out of shape but Takizawa (Hideyaki)-kun said, "If you lose to the feeling, then it is the end.". That stroke through my chest and gave me a fighting spirit to overcome it.
I think I want to show songs and dances with various facial expressions in each of the performances in Johnny's Ginza 2014.


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