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GOOOOOOOOD MORNING, GOOOOOOOOD AFTERNOON, GOOOOOOOOD EVENING GUYS~!! sharing this SixTONES related cross talk from POTATO 04 issue =D I translated this coz I thought this is just a very short one lol I don't know what I was thinking that this is just a short article back then...orz Anyway, I had fun translating this cross talk and that's the most important part ne =) HAVING FUN ON WHAT YOU ARE DOING =)


oh and I think it's hard to read Kouchi's lines because of the color...sorry >.<

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks


Juri: iya~ We took different photos ne! We took a photo were the 6 of us are in there and the 1st scene’s theme is “Family”, I’m the one who decided the roles. Shintaro is the mother, Kyomoto is the father, Jesse is the baby, Hokuto is the dog, Kouchi is the eldest son, and I’m the 2nd son.

Hokuto: ne ne, don’t you think that large breed dogs suit me? I feel like I’m a Shiba Inu.

Shintaro: Shiba Inu? I thought of Doberman (laugh).

Juri: Jesse’s legs are dame (dame = useless; can’t be)! They’re not baby’s legs.

Kouchi: It is still like a model’s legs ne.

Jesse: No, at first I widen the gap of my legs then I was said that it is too far so I quitted doing it (laugh).

Kyomoto: Shintaro’s horrible too right? What’s with this mama? (laugh)

Shintaro: Well, it’s my first try to be a girl (laugh).

Kyomoto: What are we going to do with the title of this?

Shintaro: “Family Picture”

Juri: Or more like “Big Mama”? Since Shintaro is the mother.

Kouchi: How about “Big Baby”? The baby is huge, isn’t it?

All: Ahahaha, that’s it!

Hokuto: The theme of 2nd scene is “zoo”. I decided I somehow like to be a crane (laugh). And then Jesse is the penguin, Kyomoto is the lion, Juri is the alpaca, Shintaro is the yeti, Yugo is the butterfly. The most suited one is Juri being alpaca.

Juri: Since my neck is long ne.

Kyomoto: Me too, even my hand that is on the floor is lion-ish. I made use of my big hands.

Kouchi: It’s true! The one who screwed the most is the yeti.

Jesse: What is this? (laugh)

Shintaro: No no no! This is the yeti in me!

Juri: Really…?(laugh). In the 3-shot part, we were told that we’re going to take cool photos of us so we did cool poses but it looks like we took a photo that has the image of salary man in the evening for the final one. When you failed in your work and saying “yarakashitana…” while looking at the sunset.*I think yarakashitana means “what a mistake’’ here*

Shintaro: Isn’t it the face of the guy in the middle strange? (referring to Hokuto)

Hokuto: I’m at a distance looking at my son here. The end of work is at 5 o’clock but I’m doing an overtime even though I found out that my son is playing. But, failing at work, I wonder if I can scold myself…

Juri: It’s like three people having serious view of the world.

Kouchi: (looking at the shot of Jesse, Shinataro, and Kyomoto) this looks like a cover of a fashion magazine.

Hokuto: In our part, smelling sweaty is not cool?

Kyomoto: No no, this looks cool presuming that there’s no theme decided here. It carries a non-style.

Kouchi: It’s not the theme! Don’t call non-style a picture that was taken properly (laugh).

Jesse: You are looking at the sun over there but you yourselves are like the sun already (laugh).

Hokuto: Since we think this is each other’s victory, there’s no decision on who the winners are and who the losers are ne. Let’s leave the decision to the readers (laugh). Everyone took photo this time, but what do you want to do if you can freely take a photo of anyone from the members? In my case, I want to take more thoroughly photos of Juri’s alpaca (laugh).

Kouchi: I want to take a photo of Shintaro simple-mindedly surfing.

Juri: ahh~ I want to take a photo of Jesse playing medal game innocently. This guy always plays medal game. Occasionally, Kouchi is also invited to play medal game.

Jesse: But when Kouchi is around, I can’t get any medal at all. Then when he goes to the toilet, I am able to get medals (laugh).

Kouchi: Even though Jesse’s body is this huge, when he plays medal game he becomes super-duper small (laugh). He really stoops.

Everyone: Ahahahahaha! (roar of laughter)

Shintaro: I also want to take a picture of Jesse. I want him to be cool ninja in Himeji Castle saying “Oh! Japanese Ninja!” and running around (laugh).

Jesse: ee…I want the medal game more.

Shintaro: What! (Laugh) If that’s the case then I want to take a picture of hokuto too. When no one is around in the amusement park before it closes down, Hokuto will appear riding in merry-go-round alone.

Hokuto: I think it is obviously fun (laugh).

Shintaro: When everyone went to the theme park lately, isn’t it Hokuto is innocently really having fun? I want to capture that feeling. Probably that appearance of Hokuto is not captured in magazine photoshoots (laugh).

Jesse: I understand that. Today he is cool, but in the theme park he was saying “What is that!? What is that!?” His hands became like this (cutely pointing here and there) (laugh).

Hokuto: What are you saying (laugh)?

Kyomoto: I want to take a photo of myself. With the theme of looking at the past, I wonder of taking a photo in a Shichi-Go-San style. Also, I will hold some Chitose Ame.

Kouchi: Your world view is scary (laugh).

Jesse: Maybe I will take a photo of Juri. Ah, but Hokuto is going to take a photo of Juri? Then, I will take photo of Kouchi instead. Kouchi, an angel with wings, is sliding at the rainbow going wa~ wa~…

Juri: This guy loves Kouchi so much, but taking a photo like that is kind of disgusting (laugh).

Kyomoto: If it’s ok to say impossible things, then I have a lot of things that I want to try.

Jesse: We are listening, tell everything.

Kyomoto: I want to build a large snail shell, then the hands, feet, and face can pop out form that, I want to put a crown on the head.

Everyone: E? What is this suddenly?

Jesse: (Ignoring Taiga’s talk) you know Kouchi wants to sing Ninomiya-kun’s “Niji” so he is sliding down in the rainbow…

Kyomoto: I still have something to tell.

Juri: You don’t have to tell it anymore.

Jesse: Then let’s hear 1 more of it.

Kyomoto: I want to get on a person’s eyelashes. Lying on a toothpick-like thing. Then, in order to be a shining red looking like a lame, I’m going to smash tomatoes and spread to the different parts of my body.

Kouchi: This guy is absolutely tired. It’s good to take some rest (laugh).


Hokuto: Speaking of photos, have you not projected in a weird way? I can still remember the
half-opened eyes I did on my 1st magazine appearance (laugh). I was so happy so I bought the issue on its release date and opened to a half-opened eyes photo (laugh).

Jesse: I always become like Easter Island statues.

Kouchi: Since the carving is deep (laugh).

Juri: My photogenicity is also bad even though I am cool in reality (laugh). Shintaro is always in trouble too.

Shintaro: Certainly, I’m always the only one with a weird face in group photos.

Kouchi: In private photos, the funniest one lately is Kyomoto’s “One Person Theme Park”.

Kyomoto: That! Recently, everyone went to the theme park. I’m the only one who has a conflict on the schedule. Then, looking on my smartphone in the afternoon, I received a lot of pictures from everyone. This is bad, I have to send photo too I thought. I gathered the character goods that I have in the house then I took a photo being surrounded by those and sent it to everyone (laugh).

Kouchi: That is funny (laugh). My favorite photo is the 2-shot of me and Nishihata (Daigo). It was a photo taken when we, “Shounenatchi” members, went for a meal.

Jesse: Kouchi and Nishihata resemble ne. I called “Kouchi!” saying that he and Nishihata have similarities.

Kouchi: Yes yes, that’s why I said “let’s take a photo together” to Nishihata (and Kouchi showed the photo to Jesse)

Jesse: Somewhat the smile here is better than the photo that was taken with me isn’t it?

Everyone except for Jesse: Ahahahaha!

Shintaro: Anyway, today’s theme is “camera shutter” that’s why we are talking about photos but I also want to have “heart shutter” related talks.

Hokuto: Ahh~ the one that closes your heart ne. I’m always told that mine is closed but it opens by itself.

*I think open and close mean being sociable and not sociable here*

Shintaro: I always look at the members so I know when “today, he is close” or “today, he is open”. It’s easy to understand especially during rehearsals.

Hokuto: When am I open?

Shintaro: In my point of view, it is when everyone is around. You are so open at those times.

Hokuto: I don’t think it’s that one? (laugh)

Shintaro: What? Is that so?

Juri: Me? My tension falls down too. I have shutdown times right?

Jesse: You have sometimes. Where is this guy’s motivation switch? But when you say “I’m going to buy some ice cream”, he switches on.

Shintaro: It’s not the ice cream, it’s the snack food. When you say “here, some sweets”, he’ll say “really~? <3”

Juri: Liar! (laugh)

Kyomoto: I’m almost always open…I mean I do not make a door in my heart.

Kouchi: Door? Aren’t we talking of shutter? (laugh)

Shintaro: I wonder if Kouchi is the person who shutters down the most. It is no exaggeration to say that he is always close (laugh).

Hokuto: Isn’t is Kouchi’s case is he closes down but not his feelings? His heart is always open. It’s like a light that is on or off.

Jesse: Ahhh~ since he is silent the whole time, there are times that you don’t know when he is present or not (laugh).

Kouchi: Sometimes, my face says something but it kind of disappears (laugh).

Shintaro: It is easy to tell when Kouchi’s heart is closed since he will respond “ai, ai” to other people’s stories (laugh).

Kyomoto: But when any of the members is close, the other members are going to support that member so that he will not fall.

Jesse: Yeah! And then there will be a “”!

Everone except for Jesse: ….. (silence)

Kouchi: It’s good to have a close part a little (laugh).
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