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Hisashiburiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

It's been awhile ne ^.^ now I'm back with this trans hahahaha ^.^ it is actually a request from my friend *though I don't really accept requests since I don't want to give false hopes*

hm...let's just say that this is my birthday gift to her =))

anyway, I'm glad that I translated this hahaha coz I had so much fun while translating this lol find out Hokuto's stories about Hirano :D

ps: the one who requested this is an english sensei @.@ omg pressure haha

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
-thank you to all who helped me =)
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks


Matsumura: The first time we met was in the 31 (?) ice cream cm right? I and Shintaro (Morimoto) were the representatives of Tokyo, and Shigeoka-kun (Daiki) and Hirano were from kansai. “We are (from) Kansai juniors.”

Hirano: But, I don’t have any close friend from Tokyo (Juniors) and Kansai (Juniors), Hokutei(Hokuto) and Shigeoka-kun and Shintaro are close with each other. I just entered Johnny’s around that time so I think it’s ok.

Matsumura: I heard that there’s a cool guy who entered (JE) and his name is Hirano. That’s why on the first meeting I was like “so this is Hirano…” (LAUGH)

Hirano: And I was like “sou de mo ne…na…” (LAUGH)

Matsumura: But, there was a scene where everyone were eating delicious ice cream, then suddenly there was an ice cream on his nose when he had a bite!

Hirano: Because I was told to it the 2-scoop ice cream, that’s why.

Matsumura: No, nothing like that was said, even if there is, isn’t it nice (better) to tilt your head sideways!

Hirano: That way of eating, you only do that to a bone with meat!

Matsumura: Anyway I thought of him as childish (that time). And then, we met again in the cover photo shoot of MYOJO (03.2013).

Hirano: This time, it was Hokutei who went to Osaka. *Hirano used the word “invade”*

Matsumura: You said it like there’s a brawl (LAUGH)! But when we had a proper conversation, the Hirano that I thought was from Kansai was actually from Nagoya.

Hirano: Since then, I’m always called “ese kansai-jin” *fake Kansai-born man*

Matsumura: I am from Shizuoka so I surprisingly said “Isn’t it Nagoya and Shizuoka are next to each other?”

Hirano: E? Nagoya and Shizuoka are next to each other?

Matsumura: To be accurate, it’s Aichi prefecture and Shizuoka. *Nagoya is the capital of Aichi*

Hirano: So it was like that…then, I self-introduced that I am a marshmallow king as my charm point then threw a marshmallow from the front right?

Matsumura: Ah, yes (LAUGH). I also tried to throw rice ball.

Hirano: Hokutei, it’s reasonably unreasonable (LAUGH).


Matsumura: In this way, our distance to each other had shorten little by little. Moreover, we became close in the drama “SHARK”.

Hirano: Everyday, from morning to evening, we are together. Furthermore, Hokutei is acting younger than me. The two of us keeps on messing around.

Matsumura: You’re the only one at the site who I can talk with without using honorific language. I have a memory of us talking about different things.

Hirano: The day that the recording finished early, we went shopping together in Shibuya.

Matsumura: Yes yes. You shouted in the whole city, you were so noisy.

Hirano: No! I just arrived to Tokyo so I was impressed by the things that I saw!

Matsumura: Then when we walked from Shibuya to Harajuku, he said “We’re still in Shibuya? It’s wide isn’t it?” (LAUGH).

Hirano: Is that so? But, during the filming, there are many similar buses going to the location so I don’t know which one to ride on. At times like that, Hokutei will be visible and will say “oi, this way”. I’m quite saved.

Matsumura: Well because there is someone who is clearly lost outside.

Hirano: Recently, we don’t meet that often but we still have meal together about once in a half year.

Matsumura: Last January, when Johnny’s World ended, the 4 of us (Hokuto, Hirano Sho, Takahashi Kaito, Morimoto Shintaro) went to eat some yakiniku.

Hirano: My birthday is on January 29 that’s why Hokutei and Shintaro treated me and Kaito. Arigatou! The cold noodles is really delicious!

Matsumura: You poured vinegar to the small bowl of service cold noodles then slurped it in a second and choked (LAUGH).

Hirano: Ahahaha

Matsumura: From now on too, surely you have not change and will not change. *kore kara mo, kitto omae wa sono manma, kawaranaindarou na*


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