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Ja-jaan~!! I don't even know why I am posting this, but I just felt it lol ^_^ It's about realizing how lucky I am/ we are as kotori-chan lol

But I'm not that good in writing and delivering my feelings so don't expect too much lol, it may be also a boring and messy entry

1st of all, we know that Taiga is included in the Elisabeth musical right? And to give way for that musical, he has to skip the usual junior activities for the meantime.

He is not included in the cast for this year's Takizawa Kabuki...and also in Johnny's Ginza 2015, then the chance of seeing him in SC and Gamushara TV Show, and having a drama is kinda vague...

But, there's always a miracle ^_^ like he showed up in Johnny's Ginza and we were able to see the six of them together~!!!!!!!!! plus, of course he was in crea so we were able to see some pictures of him ^.^ how cool is that right?

And oh yeah we also saw him in 2 eps of Gamushara TV Show (April 25 and May 2) *though this is already recorded a month or months ago lol I just didn't expect that he'll be there*

Then, he was also in SC Recording for SC June alksjdajhfkajdhfjklahkjhaj lol though he only appeared in one performance (Ai no Command perf by SixTONES) but this is also an unexpected one ne? To see him participate in SC when he got a busy schedule for Elisabeth practice

I don't know how I will end this post...but let me just say this...I'm loving and loving more his efforts and from now on too, I will always support him ^_^

PS: He still doesn't forget how to smile even though his eyes already show how much exhausted he is *his eyebags are getting darker and bigger*

Ok, why did this end in a cheezy way -.- lol


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