May. 3rd, 2015

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Hi guys~!! Tomorrow is May 4...and that day calls for some celebration's Taiga's 9th yr anniversary in JE...yey haha

Also congrats so Six Tones :D

And I'm gonna post this trans a little bit early since I have a baito tomorrow

In this article, he talks about his relationship with senpai nee-chan...this will make your heart go doki doki haha

etto...I suppose you read 1st the one under the douzo part *you may skip the notes part this time lol*, then the one under the bonus and lastly the one under the random part :D

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the scans

I am in 2nd year highschool. I like a senpai, one year higher than me, who is in the same light music club as I am. But the club activities prohibit love relationships so I seal my feelings. Senpai is beautiful and her style stands out. She is also very caring; she always scolds me, but I realize that I fall in love with her.

There are no classes in Valentine’s Day but there are still club activities. I’m in charge of playing the guitar, but it is irritating that I always get wrong on the same part.

Senpai said angrily, “You will practice here until you can play it. If you’re done, go to the next classroom.” And she went out of the classroom.

When I can somehow play it, I go to the room where senpai is.

“Senpai, I can now play it!” I said.
“Ganbatte ne. Here, there’s no deep meaning to it.”, and she handed a choco!

It has got to be a handmade chocolate, what do you mean by there is no deep meaning in it!!! Senpai is going to leave but I did a kabedon to stop her!!!

“It is suspicious if you leave now. Is it real that there is no deep meaning to it?”, I asked.
“Don’t talk too close”, she said and went running away.

Looking at the chocolate’s package, there is a letter…!!

“To Kyomoto

I like you. I don’t see you as a kouhai. I understand that having love relationship is prohibited in club activities but by all means, I want to convey my feelings. Sorry for my selfishness.”

I ran after senpai and confessed, “I also like senpai. I’m still unskilful in playing the guitar but for senpai’s sake I will try hard in practicing it. It’s ok to go out with you secretly!”

---Change scene, the two of us are going to public park---

The handmade made chocolate is milk flavor, it is very sweet but delicious!! We were sitting in the swings, innocently playing in the park. Then senpai said, “Our relationship is a secret to everyone but I want something that will symbolize that we are going out together.” That’s why I decided to give her a mechanical pencil as a present. Those are 2 identical mechanical pencils and we will be keeping each. “These mechanical pencils are matching but we will be free from being suspected in school.”

That day, I send her off to her house. When I arrived home, I phoned her. Honestly, senpai’s house is near mine, we can see each other’s room. It is like from Kamenashi-kun’s drama “Tatta Hitotsu no Koi”, where the flickering of the light can be seen. Afterwards, guitar session held through smartphone. From that day, our secret love has started

Furukawa Yuuta talked about Taiga in (his?) ameba studio (?) *the fans said amesuta* and I rougly translated it :D

Taiga-kun is a good young man. He is very pure, very diligent (or serious) child. Refreshing and polite. During the practice, someone asked "choco, you want?", and he accepted it and said "arigatou gozaimasu" and "itadakimasu". If it was me, I'll just completely refuse it.

Ja-jaan~!! The theme of where Taiga is included in Myojo 03 is "Beautiful face and first class wild idea! Valentine's Day story in mind"

They were asked to create their love story lol so what Taiga told is just an imagination :D When I 1st read this I really thought he had a relationship with senpai neechan but when I saw the theme...I was more surprised that it was just an imagination @.@ he wants to be a novelist someday right? I think he has a talent for that :D


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