Oct. 12th, 2014

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Yo :) Ja-jaan~!! Another Taiga related translation :D etto...I'm kinda confused on the last part, and I find it tricky T.T gomen

anyway, ENJOY :))

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-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks

Laid-back (lifestyle) Private Report

I am now practicing guitar on my own, I am also challenging to play my favorite Mr. Children's music. For the most part of the song, the fast phase before the hook or the hook is in F-chord. I came out pressing down all the strings by my middle finger. I always can't get on time and my finger blocks up. I call it "F no kabe". Since the practice stops when it comes to the phase with F-chord, I rather play only up to the B melody and the whole hook in in acapella (laugh).

hook- high point of a song
kabe- wall/barrier

Actually, I wrote lyrics about liking the girlfriend's friend. Holding the feelings of guilt of a forbidden affection. When I was writing the lyrics, I was like, "Why can I write something like this"? I became scared but, it was fun to be like a novelist. I wonder if I could also write a novel unexpectedly...? No no, after all it is impossible. There is no way that a person who failed in F-chord and stop practicing it would be able to write hundreds of pages of sentences!

Nakada (Hiroki), Shimekake (Ryuya), and I went to a theme park. We rode in the coffee cup and it turned round and round, and we got down with motion sickness. After that, we spent an hour resting in a restaurant. When we had recovered, we went for rides again. Those were also rotating rides! We rode vehicles with circular patterns. I still haven't fully recovered from sickness, therefore I tried handling so as not to make the vehicle turn. I made the goal once (preventing the vehicle from turning). It was zero fun however, it was a splendid safe driving even if I say so myself (laugh).

I intentionally used the word "the" instead of the word "my" lol


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