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I can't think of any good intro...orz I'm really bad at it T.T

anyway, this is my last work for now...

I hope you all enjoyed reading my translations =)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits @jurisayaxxx in twitter for the original scan
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks

Morimoto Shintaro x Tanaka Juri

What do you remember when you hear the word “rain”?

Morimoto: Folding umbrella. There was a time that I was into it. I was thinking that this is such a handy thing! Then I realized that I have 2-3 folding umbrellas in my bag (laugh). It’s a “mochi kasa” rather than an oki-gasa. ?

(oki-gasa= an extra umbrella kept at school or workplace)
(“mochi kasa”, mochi = keep possession, kasa= umbrella, maybe shin is referring to an umbrella that is being carried everywhere)

Tanaka: What is “mochi kasa”? (laugh). I guess the thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word rain is oki-gasa. I leave a lot of umbrellas in school. I will bring umbrella when I am going to school and it is raining, then when I am going home and it already stopped raining, I will leave it at school. And then, before the summer vacation, I ended up going home with a vast number of umbrellas. There’s about 10 umbrellas and it is very heavy (laugh). Recently, when it rains a little, I will return home wet.

Morimoto: I understand! It feels good to get wet in the rain. When I was a kid and the rain starts to fall, I will run and be pumped up saying “Oh no! It is raining!” Do you understand this feeling?

Tanaka: Nope, I am not sure.

What kind of girl do you want to be with under the same umbrella?

Tanaka: A considerate one. Look, someone who is also giving her best like “I don’t want you to get wet” or like “it is ok for me to get wet”. It is lonely to be not noticed by your partner, isn’t it?

Morimoto: Ahh, I understand.

Tanaka: That is to be considerate to each other, I think it is a good one.

Morimoto: For me, I do not want to become silent while under the umbrella, I think someone who will tell different stories in a carefree manner is nice. I want to talk too so we must have the same interest.

About your partner under the umbrella in this photoshoot!

Tanaka: Ah, Kyomoto-kun would be nice since his body is thin (laugh).

Morimoto: If you are with me, then half of your body will get wet. But I am fine with Juri, since he turns sideways. On the contrary, I think do not like Jesse since he is tall, it looks like it is hard to hold the umbrella.

Tanaka: It will be a problem if two men are in a place like this. We are under the same umbrella for just about 10 minutes so it is ok.

Morimoto: Prepare a much bigger umbrella next time, so it will be comfortable to get in (laugh).

Matsumura Hokuto x Kouchi Yugo

What do you remember when you hear the word “rain”?

Matsumura: Frog. I really do not like it since I was a kid, I will absolutely not touch it!!

Kouchi: Ee~ I love to search for frogs when I was a kid. I and my friends will catch frogs.

Matsumura: It is really impossible for me. I also cannot touch someone who touched the frog, a figurine is also no good. When we talk about rain, what is it to you?

Kouchi: My tension goes down. When the rain falls down, you cannot play outside anymore.

Matsumura: You have a lot of outdoor hobbies.

Kouchi: Yes. And yet, I am quite a guy whose presence seems to cause rain. Like in a futsal game, when I am really looking forward to it, it will rain.

Matsumura: Ee, is that so? I don’t want to go out with you (laugh).

Kouchi: If I don’t look forward to it, then it is ok. For example, going to a location with SixTONES, I don’t have too much fighting spirit, I prefer to not look forward to it!

Matsumura: Yes, you are. So in times like those, everyone will tease you in order to lower your tension.

Kouchi: If you like a fun location shooting, then tell something harsh to me (laugh).

What kind of girl do you want to be with under the same umbrella?

Kouchi: Going home from school and in a school uniform, we are under the same umbrella. It is bad if she is aware of it, I want to enter from her umbrella.

Matsumura: Mine is when we were on our way home, it suddenly started raining. We ran into the convenience store. Then, we only bought 1 umbrella. We were under the same umbrella.

Kouchi: That moment also makes your heart pound.

Matsumura: Yes, the moment where you two are leaving the shop and said “let’s go” while opening the umbrella is also nice. To be with someone under the same umbrella, I am longing for it!

About your partner under the umbrella in this photoshoot!

Matsumura: We have known each other for a long time already so in the talk part we are at ease too.

Kouchi: The things we are going to tell to each other too, we can mostly see it.

Matsumura: Yes, we really can. In fact, sometimes we do not listen.

Kouchi: Yes, I know that (laugh).

Jesse x Kyomoto Taiga

What do you remember when you hear the word “rain”?

Jesse: Umbrella!

Kyomoto: I guess that is so simple (laugh).

Jesse: When it looks like it is going to rain, I will bring a foldable umbrella.

Kyomoto: When it is raining and the atmospheric pressure changes, I am having a headache. That is why I hate rainy days!

Jesse: Me too, I do not like rain that much. My clothes and shoes get dirty.

Kyomoto: Well, there are people who like going out in a rainy day, but for me it is really impossible (laugh).

Jesse: Ahaha! But you said before that you hope it will rain on the first day of stage play, right?

Kyomoto: Yes, because I heard that if it rains on the first day of stage play, then it will be successful.

Jesse: Actually, it rained on the first day of Shounentachi.

Kyomoto: That’s right. It might be a jinx when you think about it, but I want to believe on it.

What kind of girl do you want to be with under the same umbrella?

Jesse: I and the girl I like are under the same umbrella on our way home from school.

Kyomoto: I think it is childish~

Jesse: No, it is not childish! I will open the umbrella and the girl that I like will enter, then I will send her to her house.

Kyomoto: Until her house…I think that exceeded a little. It is kind of unpleasant!

Jesse: Why is that! (laugh)

Kyomoto: I think the feeling that we are under the same umbrella by chance is nice. When I am troubled because I have no umbrella, and then by chance, someone heard the direction of my home. Then, the 2 of us will be under the same umbrella walking home.

Jesse: I see, that is also nice.

Kyomoto: But in reality, my companion under the same umbrella recently is just Myuto (Morita).

Jesse: Ahahaha!

About your partner under the umbrella in this photoshoot!

Jesse: We are partner in this photo shoot.

Kyomoto: Well, normally Jesse is the taller one so he will be holding the umbrella.

Jesse: Earlier, Taiga said, “Jesse will be the girl”. But, isn’t that the opposite!?

Kyomoto: I guess. There is no way this body build is good to be a girl (laugh).


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