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Only 2 weeks left before school starts T.T I don't know if I'm ready for it...hello DMD1...?

How about you guys? What year are you in now? =)

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm back to share the translation of the crosstalk of SixTONES in Popolo 07.2016 issue =)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-lines with ">>" are corrected by [ profile] golden_mushroom
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks

Who is the No.1 Kamattechan?

(kamattechan= person who always wants to be taken care of or being paid attention to)

Kyomoto: Shintaro!

Tanaka: Shintaro is a kamattechan~

Morimoto: No, Jesse is also a kamattechan, right?

Jesse: No no no.

Tanaka: When I ignore Shintaro’s mail, he will say “reply please”.

Morimoto: Because you ignore it!

Tanaka: It’s because there’s nothing to reply at (laugh).

Matsumura: When Shintaro invites the members like “everyone, let us go for a meal” then no one can come, he will sulk and will go with other people…

Tanaka: And then, he will send a photo of what he ate.

Kouchi: He will~

Morimoto: Really? Everyone thinks like that!?

Jesse: This is bad!

Matsumura: Shintaro being a kamattechan, the affection is heavy (laugh).

Do not ask “Do you want a souvenir?”!

Morimoto: I am shock~ Honestly, I think everyone has hidden kamattechan! Especially Kyomo-chan.

Jesse: Ah, maybe. In the dressing room, when he was going to do a one shot performance, he checked through the mirror if I am looking at him (laugh).

Morimoto: When we went to the theme park too, he alone took a photo something like this.

Kyomoto: That is just a joke! I did not do it seriously.

Kouchi: You really played with all of your energy.

Kyomoto: Yes yes.

Matsumura: Somehow or another, Jesse is also a kamattechan. When he wants to be cared, he will do something like a weird face. He wasn’t used to be like that.

Jesse: I am like that in the past!

Tanaka: Since he wants to be cared, he became chubby, right?

Jesse: Yes yes. Why do you know that? (laugh)

Kouchi: Anyway, number 1 is Shintaro.

Morimoto: Yes, it is me. Since I want to be cared! And yet, when I went to Kanazawa and mailed everyone asking, “Do you want a souvenir?”, not even one responded…

Jesse: To buy souvenir is a free will, right?

Kyomoto: It is by feelings.

Kouchi: If I went to Kanazawa, I will not ask that.

Jesse: Moreover, in the end, the souvenir is an energy drink (laugh). You can buy that everywhere!

Morimoto: That is my kindness <3

Tanaka: Then, the one who is not a kamattechan the most is?

Kyomoto: Juri! He is composed. His outside appearance looks like he wants to be cared but on the inside he has quite a dry humour.

Kouchi: It is “chan” (laugh). (Kyomoto actually said “kamattesan” instead of “kamattechan”)

Kyomoto: Juri is someone to be paid attention to.

Tanaka: That is the thing I don’t like the most.

Matsumura: And then, Juri is good in paying attention to his companions. Since Juri is the one who pays attention to me, right?

Tanaka: Yes, I do (laugh).

>>Kouchi: But, since Shintaro exceeded in being a kamattechan, he is in a state of running wild (laugh).

Tanaka: Well, I am the nice one to use to be in Shintaro’s level.

Morimoto: Me too, despite being a kamattechan.

Tanaka: His feelings is not stable so we leave him alone (laugh).

Up to where can a girl be a kamattechan?

Tanaka: I wonder if a girl who is a very kamattechan is weak~

Morimoto: It may feel a little heavy for me who is a kamattechan.

Kouchi: Someone who is the opposite of Shintaro may be just the right one.

Matsumura: A kamattechan girl, I like it.

Kyomoto: It may be ok at first but…

Kouchi: It looks tiring.

Matsumura: But there is no girl who will say “take care of me” for 24 hours, right?

>>Jesse: Since I have not experience someone who is a kamattechan towards me before, so I do not know.

Tanaka: Kamarareta (laugh)? What is “kamaru”? *Actually Jesse said a wrong word*

Morimoto: Bring a kojien (laugh).

Jesse: Kojien is a thick dictionary, right? It is heavy. Ah. Shintaro is heavy (laugh).

Morimoto: Do not connect everything to me (laugh).

To be worried about the companion, OK

Matsumura: But, the boundary line in a kamattechan is difficult.

Kyomoto: Sending a mail every hour, I wonder if I hate it~

Kouchi: It would be a problem if you do not reply and she sends messages continuously.

Tanaka: It is scary if you cannot meet her!

Jesse: Also like constantly asking you “what are you doing?”

Kouchi: It is impossible for me.

Kyomoto: Kouchi is quite a spoiled child.

Kouchi: I am ok even though we are doing things separately.

Jesse: It is most comforting when there is silence.

Tanaka: When you are playing with your phone and she will say “ne, ne (hey hey)”, it is kind of cute.

Kouchi: Then how about like “buy it, buy it”?

Morimoto: That is annoying (laugh).

Jesse: In the end, if it is cute then it can be allowed.

Morimoto: In the end, is it about the appearance? (laugh)

Kyomoto: If the face is cute then she is permitted to everything? (laugh)

Jesse: It is not the face, it is about the gesture!

Matsumura: In taking care of someone, it is nice if there will be part where you respect yourself.

Tanaka: Not just on one’s self, but to be worried about your companion too, OK!


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