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I've got 2 weeks left before my school starts T.T

Anyway, have a nice day ^.^

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
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Since Kouchi Suits To Be a Good Papa!

Matsumura: uwauwa~ I am not going to marry anybody from the members.

Jesse: When it comes to this, it is nice to marry 6 people.

Tanaka: If I were to marry someone from the members then I would marry Kouchi!

Matsumura: But Jesse looks like he has a land.

Jesse: What is that (laugh)? I think I will go for Kouchi too. Since he looks like he will be a good father.

Kyomoto: I will go for Kouchi too!

Morimoto: Then I will go for Kouchi too!

Kyomoto: That is hilarious. What’s with the “then” (laugh).

Tanaka: I want to live quietly once I get married. Thinking about that, I only thought of Kouchi.

Kyomoto: It is ok with him even if I am having an affair, right?

Jesse: You are cruel!

Matsumura: Marrying Kouchi, even if I dominate him, I have a feeling that he will not get mad.

Morimoto: Kouchi looks like he will play with his child. In short, I am just going to lie down on bed.

Kouchi: Yes yes. Ok ok. Everyone should do what he would like to do.

Juri: Like playing with soccer with the child.

Matsumura: But then, he wants to make a soccer team so he will say that he wants to have 11 children~.

Kouchi: I am not going to say that!

Morimoto: Kouchi has 12 children. It would be a problem if no one is on the bench (laugh).

The One Who “The Muscle-lover Kouchi” Chose Is…

Tanaka: Then, who is going to be chosen by the popular Kouchi?

Kouchi: Shintaro.

Kyomoto: It will be Shintaro as I thought~ Kouchi likes muscular body.

Kouchi: You guys are really dull (laugh). Shintaro is active, that’s the reason! He is always full of energy, that’s why it looks fun to marry him.

Jesse: Well then, Kouchi and Shintaro become a couple.

Kyomoto: Isn’t that nice?

Tanaka: Congratulations~!

Matsumura: I will turn over the two of them here.


Kyomoto Has Absolutely No Unwanted Hair

Morimoto: The one who looks like a rich person since it will be fun, Jesse!

Kyomoto: I will go for Jesse too!

Tanaka: Me too, me too! *unfortunately, the next lines of Juri was not included in the scan*

Kyomoto: My reason is that since he is a half. Jesse, specifically as a boyfriend, is the best, right!?

Jesse: There?

Matsumura: If I am the girlfriend…if I will be the girlfriend I will choose Juri.

Tanaka: Then I will choose Hokuto <3

Matsumura: Even though you already answered Jesse, why did you match with me!?

Tanaka: Because I want to be in a couple too!

Morimoto: Somehow because the two of you are in the same dressing room now (in Johnny’s World), the two of you have an optimistic relationship.

Matsumura: *unfortunately, the line was not included in the scan*

Kouchi: I will go for Kyomoto.

Jesse: Me too. Since his skin is white like a girl.

Kouchi: His character is a handsome man.

Jesse: Not a handsome man, he has the image of a girl who is trying to look good.

Kyomoto: Hm?

Morimoto: An effeminate person?

Jesse: A woman I mean, you are on average side! *I am soooo not sure about this, I’ve been understanding what Jesse said here for sooo long and yet…* As for Kyomoto, he does not have something like unwanted hair.

Morimoto: That is just your own wish (laugh).

Jesse: uhm…more than just a wish, it is better for Kyomoto to become someone who does not have unwanted hair.

Tanaka: What kind of talk is this (laugh).

Matsumura: Well then, Jesse and Kyomoto, a nice couple formation.

If It Will Be Me, I Will Grant Any Request <3

Morimoto: Wait a minute~!!

Jesse: Oh, Shintaro is breaking in (laugh).

Kouchi: Shintaro chose Jesse too that’s why he is making an appeal.

Morimoto: Certainly, I do not have a match with Kyomo-chan but I will meet you by all means if you choose me. I will say “Ok” to everywhere you want to go.

Matsumura: Shintaro is a middle child.

Morimoto: Since I am used to say “wait a minute” so I blurted it out.

Tanaka: OK!


Hokuto Is Popular For Having A Lot of Mysterious Sides

Morimoto: When speaking of dangerous love, it is unimaginable for these guys (pointing at Matsumura and Kyomoto), right~?

Matsumura: Why?

Morimoto: That has an “Eh, isn’t it the opposite?” feeling.

Tanaka: Ee?

Kouchi: Hm?

Jesse: What are you saying?

Kyomoto: First of all, what do you mean by “opposite”?

Morimoto: Because you do not have a clingy image, isn’t it considerably a dangerous love when the two of you go out?

Kyomoto: The meaning is different.

Tanaka: You do not give a romantic relationship.

Morimoto: That’s it~!

Kouchi: I choose Juri. Since his appearance is a playboy and active at night, he looks like he will teach a lot of different things.

Tanaka: Stop with that reasoning~! Even though I am just at home under the kotatsu playing games?

Kouchi: There is an attraction, which I am interested in, after Juri’s home town so I want him to take me there.

Tanaka: Ok

Matsumura: I will choose Jesse. I am afraid if he can communicate in Japanese (laugh).

Jesse: I can communicate in Japanese!

Matsumura: Moreover, since Jesse is friendly and easy to be liked by everyone, if you go out with him and it will be exposed, people will hold a grudge against you.

Tanaka: I will choose Shintaro…no, it does not mean that I do not want to go out with you. This is hard~!

Jesse: The one with many mysterious sides is Hokuto, right?

Morimoto: Yes, Hokuto is mysterious! I can read the next actions of others to some extent, but when it comes with Hokuto, I cannot imagine it at all, it is scary, right?

Tanaka: I choose Hokuto too. He is usually quiet so it is a mystery to go out with him.

Kouchi: What will you do? The moment you went out with him, he suddenly became attractive.

Kyomoto: That is certainly hilarious.

Jesse: Let us secretly monitor Hokuto.

Tanaka: He has this “goes out but does not tell it to anyone” feeling. He looks like a guy who does not talk at all in school!

Jesse: But when I went out with this guy, he is saying “nyan nyan”~ (nyan nyan= onomatopoeia for the sound of a cat)

Matsumura: I did not say that ~ why you would know (laugh)

Morimoto: Sometimes it is “wan wan”! (wan wan= onomatopoeia for the sound of a dog)

An Opinion About Restraining Emerges! Shintaro, Can It Be?

Jesse: Kyomoto, how about you?

Kyomoto: I do not know…since I already know you guys so I cannot imagine the dangerous love.

Kouchi: Who looks dangerous by image then?

Kyomoto: It is Juri if by image but I will choose Shintaro.

Morimoto: The opposite?

Kyomoto: It is like if you go out with him, he will restrain you. Also, separating from him will be difficult. It is quite scary.

Everyone: Ah~

Matsumura: His hug looks painful (laugh).

Jesse: Looks like a troublesome (laugh).

Morimoto: I will not do that! I will not.

Tanaka: If you are forced to answer this, who do you not want to go out with?

Morimoto: The super mysterious Hokuto.

Jesse: Hokuto.

Kouchi: Since it is dangerous, Hokuto.

Tanaka: Me too.

Kyomoto: Everyone chose Hokuto.

Matsumura: My popularity is great when it comes to questions like this!

Tanaka: But to be selected in this category (dangerous love), you will do something like an affair.

Morimoto: Jesse will have an affair with me <3


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