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I really can't think of any intro right now orz buuuut I hope you had slash will have a nice day ^.^

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks


Kouchi: If it is about the recent event where we are active in, then it is Johnny’s World.

Kyomoto: We enjoyed a lot of things in the dressing room.

Tanaka: We report about our weird dreams on that day; the one who laughed at the funny things will get a ketsu batto (to be hit at the butt using a bat). Also, we had exchange gift too.

Jesse: The one who said that he wants to do an exchange gift is Shintaro.

Matsumura: Suddenly saying “Let’s have exchange gift tomorrow” on Christmas Eve, nobody responded (laugh).

Kyomoto: There is no time to prepare at all.

Morimoto: That’s why I said “Then, Happy New Year! Let’s have please take care of me this year too exchange gift”. I also invited Snow Man and Mr. KING and we had it on January 2.

Jesse: Let’s have a report on from who the gift is and what the gift is. Starting from Kyomoto.

Kyomoto: I got a poster where the history of the package of a certain carbonated drink was drawn from Jesse. It comes with a frame.

Matsumura: Kyomoto, you definitely don’t need to say that, right!?

Kyomoto: No, it is not that I don’t need to say it but it took 30 minutes to assemble the frame since it is huge, and I don’t know how I will carry it home…(sweat)

Morimoto: Mine is (Nagase) Ren’s aroma humidifier.

Kyomoto: Honestly, I want the dakimakura that Shintaro brought.

Kouchi: I got that~.

Jesse: But Kouchi does not use it at all.

Kyomoto: There is still tag on it.

Morimoto: Ee…I’m shock.

Kouchi: What are you saying!? I use it!

Tanaka: The one I got is cushion and towel set from (Watanabe) Shota-kun.

Jesse: Somehow, there is the “I don’t need it” feeling to it.

Tanaka: Still, the towel that I use is the one that I bring.

Matsumura: The towel that Juri is using looks like a small present from the neighborhood association, right? It is nice to use the towel that you got.

Tanaka: I use it. But, my body was surprised in using a too nice towel.

Jesse: Yes, that’s all. Hokuto, what did you got?

Matsumura: A present from Iwamoto (Hikaru)-kun, an eye mask that you will plug it in a power source and it will get warm.

Jesse: Mine is from Abe (Ryohei)-kun, it is a fancy bathing powder, bathing powder

Kouchi: The moment you got it, you said, “I’m not IKKO-san!”

Jesse: I did not say that! (serious face) Other than that, Kyomoto is awful! His present is a massage utensil. That was gotten by Abe-kun. It was already broken!!

Morimoto: E, what? Defective product?

Kyomoto: No, since the one I’m using at home is quite ok, I went for that.

Jesse: Eh. You give things that you have used?

Kyomoto: It’s different! The present that I bought is the same from the one that I use.

Tanaka: (in a small voice) Jesse is hilarious. He is really an airheaded.

Matsumura: Hey! Somebody wrapped the thing that he already used (laugh).

Jesse: How should I put it…but if it is from Kyomoto then you will expect something nicer.

Kyomoto: Why? The budget was decided.

Jesse: But, it is from Kyomoto after all.

Kyomoto: Shut up. I do not want to be told by someone who brought a poster.


Tanaka: By the way, what are we going to do with the “After Johnny’s World, Let’s Go Somewhere!” talk?

Morimoto: We talk about this everyday but we have not decided a destination yet, right?

Kouchi: Still, can we decide here!?

Kyomoto: I want to go to Kyoto.

Jesse: I want to ski in Hokkaido. Then, Kyoto and Osaka.

Morimoto: I want to go to Hakata! I want to be told “I like you” by a beautiful woman from Hakata no matter what <3

Kouchi: Other than bullet train and such, I want the 6 of us to be in a car and be noisy in there. That’s why I’m wishing for Hakone.

Tanaka: How about going to a hot spring after playing a little in a park in Yamanashi?

Matsumura: Ee, safari…

Morimoto: I absolutely don’t want that! I will definitely not going in there!!

Matsumura: Let me finish talking. I want to go a safari park.

Tanaka: Looking at it, everyone is scattered (laugh).

Kouchi: But then, it looks like we can go to Hakone, and park, and safari park in a 1 night and 2 days trip, isn’t it?

Morimoto: Safari park~~~? (not satisfied face)

Kyomoto: I want to buy a huge tiger stuffed toy so safari park is nice.

Tanaka: In order for a destination to be decided soon, let us polish up the plans. Let’s decide on it. The one who will win in rock-paper-scissors will consider everyone’s idea then will be responsible to think of the plan.

Kyomoto: That is a pain…

Kouchi: Huh?

Kyomoto: It is a lie. I will do it, I will do it. Then, let’s play rock-paper-scissors.

Tanaka: Let’s do it!? Staaaart!

Everyone: Rock-paper-scissors! (they did it many times, then Hokuto won) OOOOOOOOOH!!

Matsumura: All right! It is my responsibility to think of the plan.

Morimoto: Are you really going to decide on going to safari park!?

Kouchi: That’s fine, that’s fine. Are there going to be lots of Shintaro’s good friends in the safari park?

Morimoto: Gorilla?

Kyomoto: Ah! Maybe when Shintaro goes to the safari park, he will be taken back. That’s why he does not want to go there, isn’t it?

Everyone: I see!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Morimoto: Aa, that’s right! Everyone is late to realize it. So slow!!

Matsumura: Ahahahaha. It is bad but I will not give up the safari park idea (laugh)
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