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Hellooooooo guys ^.^ how are you doing? Hoping that you are fine =)

Here is a crosstalk between Kyomoto and Nagatsuma and Matsuda and...someone =)

Find out who he is =)

also, find out who is this SixTONES member that Matsuda finds hard to talk to =)

-Translations are not 100% accurate
-Neither English nor Japanese is my native language
-Pls. feel free to correct me, thanks
-credits to [ profile] yoshiko_mama for the original scan
-follow me on twitter @1203kotori :D thanks

Nagatsuma: Speaking of 3 of us, is today our 1st combination (laugh)?

Kyomoto: Naga (Nagatsuma) and I are quite close friends. We’re abusing this relationship!

Nagatsuma: It is~

Kyomoto: Since we kind of spent the Christmas last year together.

Matsuda: Ee, really?

Nagatsuma: After the Johnny’s world, we went to eat teppanyaki.

Kyomoto: We were surrounded by couples (laugh). What were you doing during the Christmas day, Genta?

Matsuda: I’m at home!

Matsukura: Was I called? (unexpectedly, Matsukura showed up)

Everyone: You were not called, you were not called (laugh).

Matsukura: What are you talking about? Is it Christmas date plan?

Kyomoto: Why would a May issue has a theme like that (laugh). For how many years already you are being interviewed for magazines, right?

Matsuda: Lately, there are a lot of chibikko (small child) juniors, isn’t it? Do you remember their full names?

Kyomoto: No no, I’m giving up on that (laugh). I only know their surname or nickname. The full name is tough.

Nagatsuma: I also have that pattern! Ee, do you know our full name?

Kyomoto: Of course! Nagatsuma……ummmm (laugh).

Matsuda: There~ you don’t remember~ (laugh).

Kyomoto: I know it, wait! Ummmmm

Nagatsuma: It is Reo.

Kyomoto: I was about to say that (laugh). The other day too, Nagatsuma and I went together for a meal.

Matsuda: Eh, I haven’t heard that!

Kyomoto: Since you don’t get attached to me…

Matsuda: Yeah.

Kyomoto: Oi (laugh)!

Matsuda: Hahaha

Kyomoto: But, I’m the one who speaks the least in SixTONES, right? It is ok to speak frankly here.

Matsuda: Ee, is it ok? To talk about who among the SixTONES members is the hardest to talk to.

Nagatsuma: This talk is only here. But in the end, it will be published in magazine (laugh).

Matsuda: Frankly speaking…the top 1 is…Kyomoto-kun.

Kyomoto: Seriously? It’s a lie, right? Why me? Am I scary?

Matsuda: No, you are not scary. Somehow, you are hard to talk to.

Kyomoto: Eh, I’m that kind of person?

Nagatsuma: No, I completely don’t feel like that.

(There is Matsukura who happened to pass by again)

Kyomoto: Matsukura, do you think I’m like that too?

Matsukura: …? I don’t know what you are talking about but yes, I think you are like that too.

Everyone: HAHAHAHA!

Kyomoto: Asking you was a bad idea (laugh). I see, I’m the one who is the hardest to talk to. What about Hokuto?

Matsuda: No, I can punch Hokuto-kun.

Kyomoto: Really? How about Juri or Jesse?

Matsuda: I’m ok with them.

Kyomoto: How about Kouchi?

Matsuda: I’m ok with him.

Kyomoto: Then, how about Shintaro?

Matsuda: Shintaro-kun…I’m composed.

Kyomoto: (bitter smile) I see, I am quite surprised.

Matsukura: Why? Why? Something that you cannot accept?

Nagatsuma: You are really butting in (laugh)

Kyomoto: Even if it is like that, that is a lie (laugh). Since that, from now on, is the
important scene of our future relationship (laugh).

Matsuda: It’s not like that! We have not build connection between us until now, I do not know how I should talk to you!

Nagatsuma: Then, how about only the two of you having a meal together?

Matsuda: Only the two of us!?

Kyomoto: Suddenly, we are forced (laugh). But really, I will invite you for a meal this time.

Matsuda: Yey!

Nagatsuma: Genta normally talks with Snow Man’s members. On the contrary, I’m nervous to talk with them.

Matsuda: Between Kyomoto-kun and Snow Man, who is the senpai?

Kyomoto: 1-2 years, they are the senpai. But, I and Iwamo-chan (Iwamoto Hikaru) are from the same period.

Nagatsuma: Ee, you and Iwamoto-kun are from the same period!? I did not know that! You are going to appear with Miyake Ken-kun in Takizawa Kabuki, have you already talked to him?

Kyomoto: I have, I think it is the worst first impression on me. When Takizawa-kun introduced me to Miyake-kun, Takizawa-kun said, “If you get involved with this guy, his machine gun talk is quite troublesome.” (laugh) Of course it is a joke but when Miyake-kun heard it, he responded, “Heee~ is that so. Then, I’m not going to get involved with him.” (laugh)

Nagatsuma: Ahaha! It is surprisingly a funny one!

Matsuda: Yes it is. There is that joke to avoid you from not speaking that much.

Kyomoto: I wonder if it’s that so. Then, I will do my best to talk to others. That’s why, you should talk to me without feeling conscious too.

Matsuda: Ok! Doing this talk, I feel that our distance grew closer, I’m talking a lot!

Nagatsuma: First, let us go for a meal together soon- the three of us!


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